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V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Want to learn how to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising? We have all the answers you need, from location to rewards!
V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Looking for the best guide on how to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising? Look no further! This boss can be a real challenge and extremely frustrating opponent if you go into the fight uninformed. But don't worry -- we'll guide you on the right path using our many hours of in-game experience.

In this guide, we will reveal Ungora the Spider Queen's location, explain how to beat her in combat, and detail all the amazing rewards that await you. So grab the best weapons and potions at your disposal because you will need them if you plan to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

Update on 4 June 2023: We've updated this guide to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update. Not much has changed apart from Ungora's location in the Cursed Forest.

V Rising: Ungora The Spider Queen Location

ungora location v rising

Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising is located in the northwestern part of the Cursed Forest. Specifically, you can find this Blood Carrier in the Spider Cave. To get to this area, you must go through the Dunley Farmlands. However, you can also access the area via Gloomrot South (at your own risk).

Once in the Cursed Forest, activate the Vampire Waygate to reach the region more easily in the event that you die to Ungora the Spider Queen. The boss will be waiting right at the back of the Spider Cave, so you must fight many spiders to get to her.

Note: You will want to consider defeating The Old Wanderer to unlock the Shroud of the Forest Cloak, allowing you to become immune to the Curse of the Forest debuff. Also, the Cursed Forest is a high-level area and ruthless, so we advise only taking fights if you have to en route to this boss.

V Rising: How To Beat Ungora The Spider Queen

Ungora the Spider Queen is a formidable Level 62 V Blood Carrier. As such, we recommend only attempting to fight her if your Gear Score is 58 or higher (although we will show you a strategy to cheese her later in this guide).

While it's not necessary for you to slay all the spiders in the Spider Cave, you should wipe out the smaller spiderlings in the area adjacent to her lair before engaging her; otherwise, they might interfere in your battle.

Ungora is a fairly slow-moving boss but makes up for it by launching many fast waves of projectiles. While you could use an Axe or Sword build for this fight, we've had the best success with a Reaper build.

Recommended Blood Type

To start, we recommend either Brute or Warrior Blood Types of 30% or higher Blood Quality. This is because Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising launches many projectiles and summons multiple spiders to aid her in battle, so you must fight your way through to her. Brute Blood excels here, as the Life Leech will allow you to brawl through her summons. The same can be said for Warrior Blood, as it offers damage reduction.


Recommended Spells

Phantom Aegis is a good option for defensive spells because it offers a solid damage block against physical and magic damage. It will also knock opponents that stray too close back away from you, opening a path to Ungora the Spider Queen and allowing you to deal more damage. For offensive spells, we recommend Death Knight, as it can be cast right next to Ungora The Spider Queen, even if you have many spiders blocking your path.

This spell will summon a Death Knight at the target location that will do one strong melee attack, dealing 130% magic damage, knocking the enemy hit back, and inflicting Condemn. In addition, the strike deals 70% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health. This is fantastic against Ungora the Spider Queen because, once the attack lands, the damage dealt by any subsequent attacks will be amplified.

It's important to evade the spiderlings that she will summon and focus on delivering as much damage to Ungora the Spider Queen as possible. Save your ultimate abilities until she is about 25% HP, then burst her with everything you have before she summons more spiders to aid her. We recommend using the Crimson Beam Blood Ultimate, as it damages all enemies in a line while healing you for a percentage of the damage done. This should put her in the grave and leave you the victor.


How To Cheese Ungora The Spider Queen

If you're still struggling to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising, you'll be happy to know that she can be cheesed by jumping off the rock face near the entrance to the boss arena. I can verify that this cheese strat still works as of writing. To pull this off, aggro her and then jump down at the overhang. After that, nudge forward slowly. Ungora will follow you by walking down the path; however, when she reaches the bottom, she will get stuck in a loop.

From this position, equip any two ranged offensive spells (like Chaos Volley and Frost Bat) and blast them at her when she's near the bottom of the pathway. You'll need to time this properly for the attacks to land. Also, you'll need to be positioned forward enough for the attack to be in the range of her hitbox. If you move too forward, it will break the loop, and the fight will reset. I suggest nudging forward slowly until you're in a position close enough for the attacks to land. Then, do not move from that position; just spam your spells at her until she's killed.

V Rising: Ungora The Spider Queen Rewards


After defeating Ungora the Spider Queen, you will receive Volatile Arachnid. This ultimate ability allows you to summon your very own spiderlings to chase down your foes and explode when close, dealing 130% magic damage. The explosion will spawn a toxic fume, dealing 40% magic damage every 0.8 seconds, and inflicts a 1.5s fading snare at the summoning location. It can be recast up to three times.

In addition, you will receive the crafting recipe for Silk, which is pivotal in building the Dawnthorn Regalia and Bloodmoon Battlegear. Acquiring this recipe is critical in PVP,  allowing you to battle other players and stronger V Blood Carriers like Gorecrusher the Behemoth or the Winged Horror. Lastly, as a tip: you can summon Spiderlings at your Vermin Nest to farm much-needed Silk Worms to craft Silk at the Loom. And that concludes our guide on how to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

All featured images in this guide are courtesy of GINX / Tristan Wilkins and Stunlock Studios. 

V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising?

Ungora the Spider Queen is located in the northwestern part of the Cursed Forest, specifically in the Spider Cave. You can access the area through the Dunley Farmlands or Gloomrot South.

What is the recommended strategy to defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising?

We recommend using a Reaper build and equipping spells like Phantom Aegis and Death Knight. Focus on dealing damage to Ungora while evading the spiderlings she summons. Save your ultimate abilities for when she is at 25% HP and use the Crimson Beam Blood Ultimate to finish her off.

Are there any cheese strategies to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising?

Yes, you can cheese Ungora by jumping off the rock face near the entrance to the boss arena. Aggro her, jump down and position yourself properly. Then use ranged offensive spells like Chaos Volley and Frost Bat to attack her while she's stuck in a loop.

What rewards do I receive for defeating Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising?

After defeating Ungora, you will receive the ultimate ability Volatile Arachnid. Additionally, you will obtain the crafting recipe for Silk and the unit summoning recipe for Spiderlings.