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Best FJX Imperium Loadout Warzone 2 Season 5

The FJX Imperium is a sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 5 and we've put together the best loadout for this gun.
Best FJX Imperium Loadout Warzone 2 Season 5

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has undergone a large number of changes throughout its lifespan and has improved the balance of the game tremendously. For example, the KV Broadside got a much-needed nerf with the Dragons Breath Ammunition, reducing the damage and making fights against it much fairer.

Balancing aside, there are also new weapons that are introduced every season. That's why optimizing your loadout for each gun is essential so you can perform high no matter what. The FJX Imperium is one of the newest snipers on the block, having arrived in Season 3, and is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Here, we have the best FJX Imperium loadout for Warzone 2 Season 5.

Update 9 August: The following loadout utilizes successful builds from previous seasons. We'll update this page throughout Warzone 2 Season 5 to reflect the state of the game.

The Best FJX Imperium Loadout For Warzone 2 Season 5

Warzone 2 FJX Imperium Loadout
The FJX Imperium was introduced to Warzone 2 in Season 5. (Picture: Activision)

The FJX Imperium is a sniper rifle that was introduced in Season 3 of Warzone 2. Those who have been trying out this particular sniper have been pretty impressed so far by its performance. Increasing your ADS speed is important to hit those sniper shots so with that being said, here is the best FJX Imperium loadout:

  • Barrel - Tac-Command 19"
  • Laser - VLK LZR 7MW
  • Optic - SP-X 80 6.6x
  • Stock - JFX Kilo-Tac
  • Ammunition - .408 Explosive

The key to this sniper rifle is aiming as quickly as possible. The barrel, laser, and stock all allow you to ADS as fast as possible, lining up those sniper shots quickly. The SP-X 80 6.6x is great for hitting targets that are even farther away. The real secret hitter for this gun is the explosive ammunition. This will turn your sniper into a one-shot killer that takes down enemies before they realize what hit them.

Best Perks For The FJX Imperium In Warzone 2 Season 5

Warzone 2 FJX Imperium Loadout
ADS speed is essential for using the FJX Imperium in Warzone 2. (Picture: Activision)

When it comes to snipers, you need to have Overkill. You cannot rely on the FJX Imperium for close-range fights so you need to have that secondary option. Double Time is great too because if you miss your shot, you will want to reposition a lot faster. Both of these perks complement the FJX Imperium well.

If you have Overkill, you need Fast Hands as your bonus perk. This will help you switch between your weapons a lot faster which could be the difference between winning and losing. High Alert for the Ultimate Perk is nice because you might get tunneled vision sniping and this serves as a great warning to move. Use Smoke Grenades to hide your movements and Drill Charges to flush out enemies that are trying to hide.

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