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Warzone Ranked Resurgence: Release Date, Rewards, How To Play

Warzone is bringing Resurgence to Ranked Play, with new rewards and Skill Divisions to work through.
Warzone Ranked Resurgence: Release Date, Rewards, How To Play

Warzone's Ranked Play is getting a shake-up in Season 2, with the introduction of Ranked Resurgence. Players will now be able to play competitively on the fan-favorite Resurgence Mode, this time in Fortune's Keep, using all the classic Resurgence rules. 

And with a new Ranked mode comes new rewards and Skill Divisions, meaning Warzone players will have plenty to work towards as they climb the leaderboard. Below, we'll go over everything you need to know about Ranked Resurgence, including its release date, all rewards, and more. 

When Does Warzone Ranked Resurgence Start?

From what we can tell, while Warzone Ranked Resurgence will be launching in Season 2, it won't be available from launch. Players will likely hjae to wait a little while before Ranked Resurgence goes live.

It's also worth noting that Ranked Resurgence will be the only Ranked Play mode available in Warzone for the time being, and will be the official competitive experience within Warzone. Regular Ranked Play is scheduled to return later this year.

How To Play Warzone Ranked Resurgence: Rules & Format

65c222f15c2b5-wz s2 rankd 3.jpg
Climb that leader board once more, this time in Ranked Resurgence. (Picture: Activision)

In order to play Warzone Ranked Resurgence, players will need to be at least Level 55. The following formats will be in effect:

  • Party Size: Trios
  • Map: Fortune’s Keep
  • Game Mode: Resurgence
  • Public Event restrictions: Yes (Firesale and Restock happen at fixed circles. No other Public Events are available)
  • Vehicle restrictions: Yes (e.g., No Turreted Vehicles)
  • Restricted gameplay elements: Yes
  • Buy Station Inventory Adjustments: Yes

There are a few similarities and differences to Ranked Resurgence compared to Warzone's regular Ranked mode. For starters, players still progress their Skill Rating (“Rank”) by earning Stars. Up to three Stars being earnable per match:

  • Place in the Top 8 of Squads: One Star
  • Place in the Top 5 of Squads: Two Stars
  • Finish 1st: Three Stars

SR placement, however, has been adjusted based on the fewer number of Squads per match: 

  • Teams Remaining - 14: SR = 0
  • Teams Remaining - 10: SR = 15
  • Teams Remaining - 8: SR = 30
  • Teams Remaining - 6: SR = 45
  • Teams Remaining - 5: SR = 60
  • Teams Remaining - 4: SR = 80
  • Teams Remaining - 3: SR = 100
  • Teams Remaining - 2: SR = 125
  • Teams Remaining - 1: SR = 150

Warzone Ranked Resurgence: All Rewards

65c222be78720-warzone ranked s2.jpg
Warzone's Ranked rewards will remain separate to MW3's Ranked rewards. (Picture: Activision)

By playing Warzone Ranked Resurgence, players will be able to earn themselves the following Rank Rewards and Skill Division Rewards:

Rank Rewards

  • Rank 5: Calling Card and “Sweat Buggy” Vehicle Skin.
  • Rank 10: Calling Card and “On the Rise” Animated Emblem.
  • Rank 15: Calling Card and “Carrying the Squad” Weapon Sticker.
  • Rank 20: Calling Card and “Team Player” Weapon Charm.
  • Rank 25: Calling Card and “GOAT” Animated Emblem.
  • Rank 30: Calling Card and “WZ Ranked Play Rank 30” Weapon Camo.
  • Rank 35: Calling Card and “WTB” Weapon Sticker.
  • Rank 40: Calling Card and “Beamed” Weapon Decal.
  • Rank 45: Calling Card and “You Tried” Weapon Charm.
  • Rank 50: Calling Card, “WZ Ranked Veteran” Animated Emblem and four Operator Skins.

Skill Division Rewards

  • Highest Division — Bronze: “WZ Season 2 Bronze” Emblem.
  • Highest Division — Silver: “WZ Season 2 Silver” Emblem.
  • Highest Division — Gold: “WZ Season 2 Gold” Animated Emblem and Large Decal.
  • Highest Division — Platinum: “WZ Season 2 Platinum” Animated Emblem and Large Decal.
  • Highest Division — Diamond: “WZ Season 2 Diamond” Animated Emblem and Large Decal.
  • Highest Division — Crimson: “WZ Season 2 Crimson” Animated Emblem and Large Decal.
  • Highest Division — Iridescent: “WZ Season 2 Iridescent” Animated Calling Card, Animated Emblem and Large Decal.
  • End Season 2 in Top 250: “WZ Season 2 Top 250” Animated Calling Card, Animated Emblem, and Large Decal.
  • End Season 2 No. 1 Overall: “WZ Season #1 Overall” Animated Calling Card and Animated Emblem.

Skill Division rewards will be awarded at the end of Season 2. All rewards are unique and separate to the Modern Warfare 3 Ranked rewards.

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