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Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence Explained: How to Play, Loadouts

Massive Resurgence is a larger spin on the fan favorite Resurgence mode in Warzone 2, but if you want to succeed you'll need to know how to play.
Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence Explained: How to Play, Loadouts

Call of Duty's Warzone 2 has welcomed back fan-favorite mode Resurgence in a brand new way. Now titled Massive Resurgence, players take on even more squads in a much larger version of the popular mode. But, just days after being added into rotation, Infinity Ward disabled the mode owing to a strange bug effecting the behaviour of safe circles.

Thankfully, the bug has since been squashed and Massive Resurgence has entered the playlist rotation once more. This week, the mode is available in Duos and Quads on Al Mazrah, along with the likes of Plunder, Battle Royale, Mini-Royale and, of course, Ranked. Regular Resurgence can be picked up over on Ashika Island in both Solos and Trios.

But if you're new to the concept of Resurgence and are now left scratching your head on what to do in Massive Resurgence, then we've outlined the key elements of the mode that you'll need to know.

How to Play Massive Resurgence in Warzone 2

Massive Resurgence takes on the ruleset of classic Resurgence, mainly that there's no gulag. After a countdown, players can drop straight back into the action as long as at least one member of your team is still standing. Teammates can shorten that countdown by performing specific actions in-game, such as getting eliminations or completing Contracts. The faster and more aggressive you play, the more you'll get out of Resurgence.

Countdowns increase with each circle up until the fourth, where all redeploys are then disabled save for those bought at a Buy Station. 

Resurgence is typically played on more intimate maps, such as Warzone 2's new Ashika Island, but Massive Resurgence differs in that it takes place on Al Mazrah. Players will now be contending with more squads and a larger playing field, inviting a necessity for more tactical plays. 

How to Shorten the Respawn Timer in Massive Resurgence

There are a number of ways to shorten the respawn timer for your downed teammates in Massive Resurgence. Completing Contracts and looting are fairly self-explanatory ways to shorten that timer, but things get a little more exciting when it comes to eliminations. 

In short, eliminating enemies is the fastest way to reduce the timer, but your method of doing so can also have an effect on its duration:

  • Headshot
    • Eliminate an enemy Player via Headshot
  • On The Move
    • Move more than 25 meters while your teammate is dead
  • Hunt 
    • Eliminate a Player while they were tracked by Hunt
  • Hunter Double 
    • Eiminate two Players in a row while they were tracked by Hunt
  • Hunter Spree 
    • Eliminated more than three Players while they are tracked by Hunt
  • Armor Break
    • Break all of a Player's active Armor Plates
  • Audacious Elimination
    • Get an elimination while a Squad member is down 
  • Fearless Elimination
    • Get an elimination as the last surviving member of your Squad

How to Get Loadouts in Massive Resurgence

There are two different methods to grab your Loadout in Massive Resurgence, which are effectively the same as regular Resurgence. The first is through a Public Event which drops towards the end of the first circle. A Loadout crate will drop for your entire Squad. 

The second method is to purchase Loadout Markers from Buy Stations, which use the same price scaling as standard Battle Royale.


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