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Dr Disrespect is quitting Warzone: "What a snooze fest"

YouTube star, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, claims that he has zero passion or interest in playing Warzone anymore, says: "It's a joke at this point and I'm just not into it."
YouTube star, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, seems to have an apparent hate-love relationship with the games that he plays. In a previous rant, Dr Disrespect went on a hilarious tirade about how "boring" Apex Legends was, only to later backtrack on his initial criticism of the game.

More recently, Dr Disrespect has switched back to playing Warzone with fellow YouTube stars, DrLupo and TimTheTatman. After previously managing to land a no-scope headshot snipe on a player in a helicopter, Dr Disrespect announced that he is now genuinely considering quitting the game.

Dr Disrespect is quitting Warzone: "What a snooze fest"

During a recent live stream, Dr Disrespect revealed that one reason for wanting to quit Warzone was the onslaught of cheaters and hackers ruining the game. Naturally, we understand how the Doc feels since this has been a pressing issue for several months now.

Dr Disrespect is quitting Warzone, calls it a "snooze fest"
Dr Disrespect is quitting Warzone, calls it a "snooze fest." (Picture: YouTube / Dr Disrespect)

Besides this, Dr Disrespect explained that he found Warzone to be boring and felt as though he has seen it all. After finishing his game with TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect said: "Get me off that f*** game. Holy sh*t, what a snooze fest. I'm literally falling asleep during a top 15 situation."

He proceeded to add: "I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I am genuinely feeling like completely stopping until this new map comes out. I’m not getting anything from that map anymore, I'm not getting anything from the gameplay, from the gunfights. It’s all the same to me now."

Dr Disrespect to quit Warzone for good: "It's a joke at this point."
Dr Disrespect to quit Warzone for good: "It's a joke at this point." (Picture: YouTube / Dr Disrespect)

Dr Disrespect continued to vent that he has lost passion and has "no interest" in playing a game "designed for 11-year-olds or 85-year-old men."

"It's a joke at this point and I'm just not into it," the Doc said. The YouTube star later clarified that Warzone has "never been this bad to play" and feels as though he's "seen it all."

(Mobile users: topic starts around 5:36:00 mark)

While those are some pretty strong words, totally justified, especially given the sheer volume of hours he spends streaming the game each week. This sentiment is also not unfamiliar either. Earlier this year, Dr Disrespect grew bored of Warzone, which later prompted him to switch to Apex Legends instead.

Hopefully, with the latest Warzone patch update arriving on 5th November, we will see Dr Disrespect regain some of the passion and enthusiasm he once had. Considering that Activision will be releasing a new "Pacific" Warzone map, as well as deploying the new anti-cheat around that time as well, it's possible that there will be more incentive for him to return to Warzone again in the future.


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Feature image courtesy of YouTube / Dr Disrespect.