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Fabrice Muamba has finally debunked Jeremy Lynch's Arsenal claims

Ex-Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba may have finally debunked Jeremy Lynch's controversial Arsenal Academy statement after he recently went on the Happy Hour Podcast and addressed the topic, you may be surprised at what he had to say.
Fabrice Muamba has finally debunked Jeremy Lynch's Arsenal claims

Popular YouTuber Jeremy Lynch has made a career out of his viral footballing ability as a trickster and internet sensation. His videos with F2, the freestyle footballing group, brought him a level of fame that saw him collaborating with the likes of Neymar Jr.

Jeremy's lively personality off the pitch is another reason why he's become such a popular figure, with his confident nature making for meme-able content. However, it seems as though his words may have finally come full circle, and not in the way he would've liked.

You see Jeremy isn't the most liked man in the YouTube game, he is seen by many as egotistical and self-centred. His behaviour at the 2018 Wembly Cup is all that is really remembered about that event and has become a talking point for countless UK YouTube personalities in attendance on the day, including comedian Stephen Tries, who have attested to simply thinking he's a bit of a d**k.

Jeremy Lynch arsenal academy
The Wembley Cup has become infamous for Jeremy Lynch's behaviour on the day. (Picture: EE)

One point his many detractors have often called him out for is his claims that he once played in Arsenal's academy and -- at the time -- Arsene Wenger called him the most talented player on the ball throughout the club.

There is only one problem with that, there is no proof that Lynch ever played for Arsenal and this would have been at the same time as the 03/04 Invincible side was winning the Premier League without losing a game.

Now, ex-Bolton midfielder, Fabrice Muamba, who was signed to Arsenal as a youngster, may have finally debunked that particular claim after a recent appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast, here's how it all went down.

Jeremy Lynch claims Arsenal Academy Happy Hour Podcast
Ex-Arsenal player Fabrice Muamba recently addressed Jeremy Lynch's claim of playing for Arsenal's Youth Academy. (Picture: Happy Hour Podcast)

Jeremy Lynch Arsenal Academy claim - Fabrice Muamba

Fabrice Muamba appeared on the Happy Hour Podcast, a biweekly show hosted by YouTube personality JaackMaate and Stevie White, to have a quick chat about his footballing career, which started in Arsenal's academy teams in 2002. Muamba, who suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Bolton in 2012, decided to retire at just 23 years of age as a result.

The Lynch topic came about since, if the claims were true, Jeremy and Fabrice would've been part of the squad at the same time. What makes the Lynch statement particularly hard to believe, is that the YouTube personality said manager Arséne Wenger described him as the best player "on the ball" at a time where the Gunners competed at the highest level, eventually winning the Premier League without losing a game in 2004.

Maate couldn't help bring Jeremy Lynch's famous claim to fame when speaking with Muamba asking the former U-23 England rep whether or not Lynch did indeed play for Arsenal.

As many would suspect, Muamba had no recollection of Jeremy Lynch at Arsenal. And certainly seemed to dismiss that Wenger would have ever made such a claim.

What's more, Muamba even pulled up a squad photo of the youth squad from his days as a player in London. A picture which Jeremy Lynch could not, in fact, be found in.

JaackMaate offered a chance for Jeremy to respond to the now likely debunked claim, it will be interesting to see if Lynch indeed follows up.


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