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Joe Rogan receives low blow from skywriting marriage proposal

The diss occurred over the Los Angeles sky on 12th June 2021.
The multi-talented Joe Rogan was publicly taunted on clear sky Saturday afternoon -- until it wasn’t.

In cartoon-like fashion, a Los Angeles man hired a skywriting artist for an alleged marriage proposal and decided to break the internet in the process -- because it’s not every day you get a chance to text a whole area with a plane.

Misspelt at first and fixed with the next attempt, the California sky read “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3”, instantly making Twitter explode once posted.

joe rogan height skywriting plane marriage proposal(Picture: Instagram/Joe Rogan)

The message is being widely discussed across the world wide web, specifically tackling the gender double-standard around body shaming, that being height, weight or anything related to one’s looks.

While the nature of the stunt is meanspirited, Google overrides the fact as he is listed as being 5 foot 6, three inches taller than the plane propaganda.

Rogan hasn’t responded to the diss but rest assured we’ll keep you updated on any groundbreaking developments.