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MrBeast Hits 100 Million Subscribers On YouTube

The YouTube icon known as MrBeast has officially passed 100 Million subscribers on the ultra-popular platform.
MrBeast Hits 100 Million Subscribers On YouTube

Over the years there have been many content creators who rise above the field of their peers with an uncanny ability to produce viral entertainment that catches the collective eye. Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is certainly one of those creators and has been one of the most popular YouTube personalities in recent times.

The 24-year-old from Wichita, Kansas has quickly risen to top-tier YouTube celebrity status and now has the ultimate accolade to back it up. Check out all the details here after MrBeast reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube!

MrBeast Reaches 100 Million YouTube Subscriptions

MrBeast is officially a member of the 100 Million Subscribers club. (Picture: MrBeast / YouTube)

It seems as though MrBeast is constantly in the headlines, but his content truly does warrant all the attention. Just recently, fellow YouTube star Ryan Trahan trekked across the USA to deliver a penny to MrBeast in a series that raised millions for Feeding America.

While the series and final video were certainly a success, there were additional storylines that emerged following the delivery to MrBeast. In the delivery video, MrBeast was sporting a new bald look. When the star appeared to be a bit fatigued later videos released on his own channel, a theory that MrBeast may be suffering from cancer began to circulate on social media.

MrBeast shaved head lost bet
MrBeast failed his attempt at a 30-day fast and had to get his head shaved. (Picture: MrBeast / YouTube)

Thankfully, MrBeast is totally fine and was simply tired from attempting to go 30 days without food to win a bet. He lost the bet and subsequently had to shave his head, hence the bald appearance in Ryan Trahan's video.

All the recent news surrounding the star might have been just what he needed to finally get over the hump, as MrBeast has now officially passed 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

In anticipation of the titanic feat, MrBeast prepped a livestream to watch the ticker count up over 100 million subscribers. Enjoy the video below to see MrBeast's live reaction to reaching 100 million subscriptions on YouTube!

That's all the latest on MrBeast reaching 100 million YouTube subscribers. Expect a celebration and tons of exciting content to follow the awesome achievement.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast.