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MrBeast reveals how he plans to fund "stupidly expensive" videos

The famous YouTuber has plans to grow his content beyond the main channel, via gaming, reacting, and more, which will help fund even crazier stunts in the near future.
MrBeast reveals how he plans to fund "stupidly expensive" videos

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has propelled himself to stardom thanks to his crazy YouTube stunts, where he spends an exorbitant amount of money by giving it away to lucky people, charities, and sometimes celebrities in all sorts of ways.

From paying people to eat at his recently-unveiled restaurant to giving cars away to lucky Uber users, MrBeast has come up with innovative ways in which to spend his seemingly never-ending fortune. However, he has recently claimed that he's been running his YouTube channel at a loss.

Donaldson, who recently celebrated 50 million subscribers on his channel, tweeted out that his most recent videos have made him "lose a ridiculous amount of money."


The YouTuber explained that the reason for his side content existing is to help him finance all his main channel content. "That’s why I started the gaming channel so I can use the extra money to run the main at a loss and just focus on making the best videos possible."

Eventually, Donaldson revealed his massive expansion plans, all with the ultimate goal of continuing his main channel stunts, and moving forward with even crazier, ground-breaking feats.


"My end goal is to have Beast Shorts, Beast Reacts and Beast gaming all funneling money into the main so I can film videos that are so stupidly expensive they don’t make sense. Then leverage that attention to open a couple hundred food pantries/homeless shelters."

We're excited to see the continuous growth of the MrBeast brand. Will he become the biggest YouTuber in history? Only time will tell.