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Pokimane Admits Andrew Tate’s Influence Is “Sad”

Imane “Pokimane” Anys joined Ethan and Hila Klein of the H3 Podcast recently to discuss various topics, including her opinion on Andrew Tate.
Pokimane Admits Andrew Tate’s Influence Is “Sad”

Internet icon and widely banned influencer Andrew Tate has been bombarded with messages of support and hate because of his opinionated takes. A majority of the world celebrated the prohibitions handed out to him because of these remarks, banning the influencer from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for violating policies.

But despite some arguable takes missing the shot, there’s no denying Andrew Tate’s been seen as a “positive” role model for many younger men, just not in the greatest light. Twitch streamer, Imane “Pokimane” Anys joined Ethan and Hila Klein on the H3 Podcast as they discussed Tate’s meteoric rise, banning, and the silver lining between all the controversy and his opinionated takes.

What’s Pokimane’s Opinion On Andrew Tate?

During the H3 Podcast on 2nd September 2022, co-host Ethan Klein made a statement on the influencer before prompting Pokimane on her thoughts on the influencer. The ex-kickboxer became globally popular during the time frame she took a break from streaming and social media.

Pokimane gave her opinion on Tate’s virality, calling it “sad” how the internet can be misogynistic in this era, especially after the world’s come so far with women’s rights.

She stated, “I think to me it just made me really sad because I thought as internet users we had kind of moved past this sort of talk, this sort of misogyny, this sort of rhetoric, and to see it come back and rise up in such a massive manner I guess was just surprising and kind of sad to see, especially in regards to the harassment it resulted in.”

pokimane surprised sad andrew tate trended misogyny
Pokimane was "surprised" and "sad" to see the world become misogynistic when Andrew Tate trended. (Picture: YouTube / H3 Podcast)

She highlighted the underlying factor that made Andrew Tate so famous: a lack of support for younger men. As the ex-kickboxer’s opinions are confident, striking, and arguably sometimes good-willed and inspiring, he’s amassed a following by being a “positive” role model for younger men.

Klein would go on to describe Tate as a “symptom of a problem,” Pokimane responded, “I think there must be some things he says just like general live advice perhaps that does resonate with people or provide value, but then I think he takes it too far."

ethan klein andrew tate symptom problem mens health
Ethan Klein stated Andrew Tate was a "symptom of a problem" regarding the lack of guidance in young men. (Picture: YouTube / H3 Podcast)

"Sometimes as a gimmick, sometimes for the memes or the laughs or whatever, right?” She later added, “But I guess to me it just shows young men must not have many people to listen to or many people that are giving them advice like this; many role models that are kind of guiding them."

"And I’m sure there are issues that both genders face, and young dudes need some assistance, I guess.”

In agreement, the three believe Tate’s influence on the world had some reason and that his genuine advice addressed to younger men has been a “takeaway” from the controversy. They concluded that although the influencer’s arguably not the most advocated in the world, he’s shown everyone that men face real issues too, and it’s just as important.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube via H3 Podcast and Instagram via Andrew Tate.