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When will FaZe Banks return to YouTube?

It appears FaZe Banks might finally return to YouTube soon but when exactly he will return is anyone's guess.
Richard "Banks" Bengston, better known as FaZe Banks, is one of the owners and founders of the illustrious FaZe Clan organization. Since May 2019, FaZe Banks has been absent from YouTube, despite his massive 5.3 million subscribers waiting for his return.

Now, it appears FaZe Banks will return to YouTube "soon", following a response to a fan on Twitter.

When is FaZe Banks' return to YouTube?

After his last video on YouTube on 20th May 2019, addressing the whole situation with Turner "Tfue" Tenney leaving the organization, FaZe Banks went silent.

Since then, there have been no videos on his massive YouTube channel, and in August 2020, the star reportedly revealed he might "never" return to YouTube again.

when faze banks return youtube Richard Bengston(Picture: FaZe Banks)

For those wondering when FaZe Banks will return to YouTube, we don't have an exact date. However, replying to a fan on Twitter, FaZe Banks said "soon" leaving fans in anticipation.

While there is no exact date, "soon" could mean FaZe Banks will return to YouTube at least in the next couple of months.

when faze banks return youtube Richard Bengston(Picture: Twitter)

It will be exciting to see what he has up his sleeves for his return, especially since return hype could definitely work in his favour.

We will just have to wait and see exactly when a new video appears on his YouTube channel, as FaZe Banks left the conversation after his announcement of returning "soon".