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Will MrBeast Surpass PewDiePie's YouTube Subscriber Count?

YouTube megastar MrBeast recently achieved his 100 million subscriber milestone. But can he overthrow the King of YouTube, PewDiePie?
Will MrBeast Surpass PewDiePie's YouTube Subscriber Count?

On 28th July 2022, YouTube megastar and philanthropist Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson celebrated his 100 million subscriber milestone. While no easy feat, the 24-year-old started uploading in February 2012 but has become somewhat of a household name for dishing out tons of money in his outrageously expensive challenges.

Following MrBeast's monumental success, many wonder if he will overtake the current King of YouTube, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, and become the most-subscribed content creator on the platform. While seemingly inevitable, perhaps a more pertinent question is when MrBeast will beat PewDiePie. Here's what I think.

Will MrBeast Beat PewDiePie And Be The New King Of YouTube?

In short, yes -- it is with certainty that MrBeast will overtake PewDiePie and become the most-subscribed user on YouTube. According to Social Blade, MrBeast currently has 100 million subscribers, gaining roughly 100,000 new subs daily. Therefore, it's reasonable to expect the YouTube star to acquire 2-3 million new subscribers each month.

will mrbeast overtake pewdiepie youtube sub count
MrBeast will almost surely beat PewDiePie's YouTube sub count. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

On the other hand, PewDiePie (currently ranked 1st with about 111 million subscribers on YouTube) has largely stagnated, owing to a radical reduction in the frequency of video uploads. Given this, it's safe to assume that PewDiePie's sub count likely won't change for the foreseeable future. Well, that's if he doesn't kickstart another "Sub to Pewds" campaign (this is highly unlikely).

As a result, given the rate at which MrBeast is acquiring new subscribers and the apparent lack of new users subscribing to PewDiePie, MrBeast will presumably overtake the reigning King of YouTube sometime in January 2023. Social Blade's subscriber prediction supports this analysis, speculating that MrBeast will have acquired around 114 million subs by 29th January 2023.

when will mrbeast overtake pewdiepie youtube sub count
MrBeast will likely overtake PewDiePie's YouTube subscriber count in January 2023. (Picture: Social Blade)

Earlier this year, PewDiePie responded to speculation that he was about to lose his title, to which he jokingly said: "I guess I’m gonna have to start my next drama with MrBeast [...] Diss track incoming!" While many fans wouldn't mind even a joke diss track, it's clear that PewDiePie isn't fazed by MrBeast's victory. This is because he has largely retired from content creation.

At the very least, I'm quite alright with PewDiePie handing over his crown to MrBeast; in many respects, there couldn't be a better heir. But what do you think? Is there a more suitable creator you feel is more deserving? Let me know by sharing your thought on Twitter.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast and PewDiePie.