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Best streaming set-up, Ghost Recon & other Trailers (13.07.2020)
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Best streaming set-up, Ghost Recon & other Trailers (13.07.2020)

The best of what happened in the esports and gaming spheres over the last couple of days now on #Crossfeed. Who wants to see more? In today's episode: 00:16 - Austin is Out of Place (c)HasanAbi 01:04 - Best Stream Set Up in 2020 (c)CallMeCarsonLIVE 01:32 - Who are You? Why are you Wet? (c)Yuggie_TV 02:09 - Watch Dogs: Legion, Cinematic Trailer (c)Ubisoft 03:18 - Watch Dogs: Legion, Gameplay Trailer (c) Ubisoft 04:29 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint AI Teammates Trailer (c)Ubisoft 05:18 - Far Cry 6, World Premiere Trailer (c)Ubisoft