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Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Insight - How to complete

Altar of Reflection Insight is one of the end-game missions in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen. Here’s how you can complete it.
Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Insight - How to complete
Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Witch Queen, is a prolific experience. Aside from offering arguably the best Destiny campaign ever, there are a plethora of end game activities, including exotic weapon quests, that should keep players busy for a long time.

The Witch Queen also surprisingly offers end-game activities that are more fitted to solo players. One such activity is the Altar of Reflection, which you visit multiple times during The Witch Queen campaign, and also after you have completed it. Here's how you can complete the Altar of Reflection: Insight quest.

Altar of Reflection Insight in The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Insight - How to complete
Stand at this position to accurately form Savathun’s projection and enter the Altar of Reflection. (Picture: Bungie)

Like the Altar of Reflection Catalyst quest, you have to solve various puzzles in the Altar of Reflection Insight to gain access to Savathun's long lost memory fragments. To begin, you have to travel to Sepulcher Lost Sector in Florescent Canal, which you will also visit for the Queens and Worms Exotic Quest.

You will come across the first puzzle in a hallway full of Lucent Archivist enemies. After clearing out the enemies and activating the nearby Deep Sight, you have to solve the light puzzle to enter the Altar of Reflection. For this, you must stand in the position as shown in the picture above so as to form Savathun's projection.

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Insight - How to complete
Here are the rune columns that stood out in our playthrough. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you reach the Altar of Reflection, you have to solve two trials to proceed further. These could be the two variants of the rune pattern trial, where you have to pick three sets of ruins that stand out among the rest or the pool of projection trial. The set of ruins and the trial differs for every player, so our solution might not work for you.

With that said, it's quite easy to pick out the odd ones from the rest. In our playthrough, in the first trial of the rune pattern, the ones that stood out were columns 3rd, 4th, and 7th.

For the 2nd trial, we got the rune pattern trial again, but this time, the patterns were scattered all across the room. Simply find and shoot the ones that stand among the rest to complete the trial and open the door to the next room where Lucent Archivist enemies await. 

Destiny 2 Altar of Reflection Insight - How to complete
Find and shoot the odd rune patterns scattered across the room. (Picture: Bungie)

With the more confusing aspect of the quest done, all that's left is for you to clear out the final room of enemies, including the boss "Hardragal, Keeper of Memory." Right after defeating it, you will unlock yet another one of Savathun's lingering memories and finish the quest in the process.

That concludes our guide on the Altar of Reflection Insight quest. Make sure to check our dedicated Destiny 2 section for more news, guides, and features.

Featured image courtesy of Bungie.