Fortnite skins that need to happen

Fortnite skins that need to happen
If Fortnite itself wasn't fun enough the constantly updating store, with more skins and emotes than you could ever possibly afford, just adds to the excitement. We all wish we could go back in time and buy the skull trooper, or scrape together the pennies to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just to get the exclusive Galaxy skin. We also all have our favourites; a reliable skin that, although we may buy new ones, we always go back to. So I began to ask myself: what could come out that could stop me from using the Valor skin? What would be so well-designed that people will give up their John Wick alter ego? Here, I've listed some concepts for skin designs that could push the Fortnite store up yet another level.


Fortnite Pennywise

We're fast approaching Halloween, and what better way to celebrate in-game than with a creepy Pennywise skin, straight from Stephen King's cult classic horror film It? You could even have a pickaxe with his big creepy clown boots on the end. His back bling could be a simple red balloon. Okay, maybe I overthought it, but it would be impressive!


Fortnite Ninja skin

Potentially a bit cliché, but a Ninja skin would be a guaranteed money-spinner. What could generate more interest than a skin inspired by the face of Twitch, the man who took Fortnite further than anyone had imagined? They could even have his different hair colours as unlockable rewards. Following a win up with Ninja doing the pon-pon is a world I want to live in.

Hogwarts houses

Fortnite Hogwarts Harry Potter skin

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Similar to how you could pick your nation's kit during the World Cup, give players the option to buy Hogwarts robes for whichever house they belong to. Imagine how cool it would be to chuck on your green Slytherin skin and intimidate opponents by flying past them using a shockwave grenade. The third coming of Voldemort. And dropping in on Tilted Towers on your Firebolt broomstick? Absolutely unmatched. Epic could coincide the release with the new Fantastic Beasts movie coming out in November. It would be magical.

Any major sporting event

Fortnite Salah Liverpool skin

It's a pretty easy sell, this one. Let's say, hypothetically, Barcelona win the Champions League. Then you can jump in the game and wear your Barcelona UCL Winners skin with pride. And this could be for any major sporting win. A Baltimore Ravens skin for when they win the Super Bowl? A Pirates skin for their World Series win? Team Liquid League of Legends Worlds skin? The opportunities really are endless.

Disney themed skins

Fortnite Elsa Frozen skin

I couldn't even limit myself to one Disney character for this. Woody and Buzz, Elsa, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Mike Wazowski... Okay, this is the one I want most. Make them all, Epic, make them all.


Fortnite Charizard pokemon skin

Just let me be Charizard. There are so many great ideas we could create for potential Fortnite skins, most of which would probably never happen, but all I've put here is the skins I would most want to see. Let us know which skin ideas you would most like on Twitter or Facebook!