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Best GTA 5 Sex Mods In 2024 (NSFW)

Looking for a way to spice up your GTA V gameplay? No problem—these Grand Theft Auto 5 sex mods should do the trick! 18+ only.
Best GTA 5 Sex Mods In 2024 (NSFW)
Rockstar Games

This guide addresses adult themes and scenarios. Reader discretion is advised. 18+ only.

Feeling a little spicy? You're in good hands! This guide details the best GTA 5 sex mods to supercharge your Grand Theft Auto experience. After all, who can resist the temptation of the Vanilla Unicorn strippers or big-boobied sex workers walking along the side of the road?

With GTA 6 on the way, there's no better time to dip your toes into the naughty things that Los Santos and Blaine County have to offer. But why keep it vanilla? You need—no, you deserve better! That being said, here are a few GTA 5 NSFW mods to get you going!

Do you like these mods? I thought so! In that case, you'll probably like my other sex mod articles for Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, The Witcher 3, or Conan Exiles. Even if you're not into the whole NSFW pron game fiasco, they're still fu*king awesome reads!

Top 5 GTA V Sex Mods For Adult Gameplay

Here are some of the best NSFW mods for GTA 5 right now. Please remember to read the installation instructions carefully, as many of these modifications require tinkering with the game files. All the images featured belong to their respective copyright owners.

#1. Nude Girls Sex Mod

Would it be a GTA 5 sex mod if it didn't have hot naked girls in it? Nope! The Nude Beach Girls mod is perfect to spice up your gameplay, sprinkling beaches and pools with topless babes with various breast shapes and sizes. Want to turn up the heat? Try Paradise City to have topless peds across all of Los Santos.

To top it off (see what I did there), install the Full Nude Stripper sex mod in GTA 5 to strip off the panties while you're at it! This mod only affects Vanilla Unicorn strippers, giving you yet another reason to rent a private booth. Might I add that the visuals are to die for—seriously!

#2. Hot Coffee

Remember the original Hot Coffee GTA sex mod? Yeah—this one clearly takes close inspiration. Install it for a variety of sex animations, including those for bl*wjobs and an*l sex. You even get extra health after blowing your load, making this NSFW mod as useful as it is exciting.

Hot Coffee includes more on-foot sex options and car shenanigans. Not keen on putting in the work of sweet-talking those peds? You might also like to install the Personal Hooker mod for a premium sex worker experience. It's like a pocket p*ssy but better.

#3. Celebrity Character Models by RoseCreationsYT

Alright, so this next mod I was quite surprised to find. While not exactly considered an NSFW GTA 5 sex mod, there are some nude skin options. RoseCreationsYT has a few Menyoo and Skin Control character models for popular celebs and even some content creators.

Most of these are community-requested, so you can probably find more models coming in the future. Right now, you can get character models for Taylor Swift, Lara Croft, Ariana Grande, KSI, Lil Peep, and xxxTentacion, to name a few.

In case it wasn't clear already, my GTA sex mods are the bomb dot com! Why? Because I clearly don't give a fu*k. You want it, I've got it. But don't stop here—check out this list of NSFW pron games on Steam (you won't be sorry).

#4. Kinky Bodies Enhanced by RoseCreationsYT

Looking for enhanced character models? The KinkyBodies GTA 5 sex mod is for you. For females, it adds maternity torsos, tattoo compatibility, better feet—and, most importantly, re-engineered body shapes with jiggle physics. The latter includes a range of boob sizes, more nude outfits, and loads more!

There are also several enhancements for males, too! The GTA sex mod includes varied penis sizes (with a flaccid option) and a choice of having a ripped physique like me or a cuddly dadbod (whatever you prefer). It also comes with uppercuts for open-shirt photography, nude outfits, and tattoos.

#5. Sex Blimp

There's something magical about having a blimp featuring naked girls darting across the sky. Wouldn't you agree? Try the Naked Girls on Blimp to replace the boring vanilla blimp with a hot air balloon donning three nude babes instead! There are also a few other cool blimp mods for GTA 5, too. For example, you can advertise the Hub or a gigantic Pepe Meme.

And that's a wrap, baby! I hope you enjoy these GTA 5 NSFW mods. Got more? Shoot me an email at [email protected], and I'll showcase them here for other players to see. Otherwise, check out the Grand Theft Auto VI section to stay clued on everything that Rockstar Games is cookin'!

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