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Where To Find & Use Clay In Palia

Clay is a valuable resource like stones and copper ores, which can be mined from nodes utilized in crafting, but where can one find clay in Palia?
Where To Find & Use Clay In Palia

Exploring the open-world environments of Palia allows players to discover secrets, find new fishing and gliding locations, and find more nodes to mine. The latter can be beneficial when leveling the Mining skill, granting you access to the Mining Guild Store run by Hodari, and you can acquire various items and recipes.

One such recipe from Hodari is the Basic Smelter which allows you to refine mined resources, including Clay, from which players can receive Ceramic through this process. We’ve discussed in this guide the best mining locations for Clay and how to use it for crafting purposes in Palia.

Best Locations To Find Clay In Palia

Clay is an earthen resource predominately used in crafting materials and making furniture, decor items, tools, and other craftable items. To mine and harvest nodes for Clay, you’ll need a pickaxe, which you’ll receive a Makeshift Pickaxe from Hodari during the tutorial quest, Welcome To Palia.

palia resources guide clay how to find how to get map locations mayor's estate remembrance beach
You can find plenty of Clay nodes along the shores of the Mayor's Estate and Remembrance Beach in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you’ve reached Level 3 in Mining, you’ll have access to acquire the recipe for a Standard Pickaxe from Hodari’s Mining Guild Store, which should make mining clay more efficient. With a pickaxe equipped, you can begin farming clay from nodes; however, these nodes only spawn in select areas.

According to its in-game description, Clay is usually found near bodies of water, so you can expect to find the nodes along the coastal areas of Kilima Village. Steps away from Fisherman’s Lagoon heading west, you can find plenty of clay nodes along the Mayor’s Estate and crossing the bridge to Remembrance Beach.

These locations are also where you can find stone and copper ore nodes, making your farming runs more beneficial. You can repeat this farming route until you have enough Clay to be utilized in various applications, which we’ve detailed below.

How To Use Clay In Palia?

palia resources guide clay how to use basic smelter ceramic bricks furniture crafting stations
Obtain the recipe for the Basic Smelter and craft it before using it to refine Clay into Ceramic bricks. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Clay is mainly used in crafting applications using Furniture Making and Mining skills. In its raw form, Clay is sorely used in crafting various types of Smoke Bombs used for Insect Catching around Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, but the recipes must be acquired from Auni.

However, its primary purpose is refining it to obtain Ceramic bricks when placing two Clay inside the Basic Smelter, which the recipe can be bought from Hodari for 80 Gold when reaching Mining Level 2. Once you have crafted the Basic Smelter, you can refine Clay into Ceramic bricks, which can be used in making the Dowsing Rod, furniture, and decor items from the Homestead and Kilima sets.

It can also be used to build crafting stations that are proven valuable if specializing in various Skills. Ceramic bricks can be used along with other resources to build the Fabric Loom, Heavy Sawmill, Prep Station, Seed Collector, and Standard Stove to further your skills and acquire more recipes and items.