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Where To Find & Use Cotton And Fabric In Palia

To craft furniture pieces, craftables, and Smoke Bombs, you'll need to get some Fabric that can be obtained by buying or growing Cotton in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Cotton And Fabric In Palia

The Gardening skill allows players to create their dream garden and grow their desired produce before using them in multiple ways. Whether it's growing tomatoes, rice, or blueberries, the crops can be harvested before cooking or selling the items using the Storage Bin at your housing plot.

Cotton is one of the produce you can grow in your home garden, which can be sold or gifted to other players, but it has a far more important use if you have a Fabric Loom. If you want to learn more about Cotton, we’ve detailed in this guide on obtaining this fluffy material and how to get and use Fabric in Palia.

How To Get & Use Cotton In Palia?

Cotton is one of the few rare resources in-game that cannot be mined or foraged; instead can be obtained one of two ways. The first is purchasing them from the Daiya Family Farm by accessing the Gardening Guild Store when visiting Badruu for 45 Gold, and the second is growing Cotton.

palia resources guide cotton fabric how to get how to use cotton seeds zekis general store gardening
Acquire Cotton Seeds from Zeki's General Store before planting them to get the Cotton plant which can be harvested after five days. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Regarding the latter, you’ll need to acquire Cotton Seeds from Zeki’s General Store for 40 Gold per bag. With the seeds on hand, head back to your housing plot and locate the gardening soil, which should be tilled before planting the seeds.

Don’t forget to water and use some fertilizer to assist in the plant's growth, which takes five days in-game for harvesting. With the Cotton harvested and added to your Inventory, you can use the Cotton and spun on the Fabric Loom to get Fabric.

How To Get & Use Fabric In Palia?

After acquiring Cotton Seeds and planting and harvesting Cotton after five days, you can finally utilize this fluffy resource to obtain a durable by-product, Fabric. For this, you’ll need to acquire the Fabric Loom, which the recipe can be purchased from Tish for 100 Gold; however, it’s only available when reaching Level 2 in Furniture Making.

palia resources guide cotton fabric how to use fabric loom refining fabric
Place the Cotton into the Fabric Loom's Hopper to start spinning it to make Fabric pieces. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Additionally, you’ll need to have the following resources to craft the Fabric Loom at the Worktable before spinning the Cotton into Fabric:

Now that the Fabric Loom is crafted and placed on your housing plot, you can interact with the loom and see which recipes are available for this crafting station. The recipes for Fabric and Leather will unlock by default when acquiring the Fabric Loom recipe, and to get one piece of Fabric requires one ball of Cotton, which takes eight minutes to complete spinning.

With the Fabric now spun, this can be used in making furniture and decor items from the Homestead, Kilima, and ranch sets and for making Sticky Smoke Bombs using the recipe acquired from Auni. Lastly, it can also be used in making various crafting stations, namely the Mixing Station and the Preserves Jar, which the recipes can be acquired from Reth and Badruu, respectively.