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Palia: How To Complete The Prospector's Pal Bundle

Mine to their hearts' content and make Hodari smile by collecting specific resources required to complete the Prospector's Pal bundle in Palia.
Palia: How To Complete The Prospector's Pal Bundle
(Picture: Singularity 6)

As it has been a tradition with a new temple made available, the v0.178 patch update unlocked the doors to the Temple of Roots as Palians explore its interiors and uncover its secrets. After unlocking the temple's vault, the Vault of the Roots, they can learn about the new bundles by locating them at the Night Sky Temple.

Nevertheless, the Prospector's Pal is one of the four new vault bundles they can access at the temple mentioned above, but what items are needed to complete it? This guide explains everything about the Prospector's Pal, what items are required, and where to find them in Palia.

How To Find All The Prospector's Pal Bundle Items In Palia?

The Prospector's Pal bundle is one of four vault bundles unlocked after completing the Secret Depths quest in Palia. It is part of the Vault of the Roots, which Palians can find when visiting the Night Sky Temple in Kilima Village.

When viewing the new vault bundles, players can check all the items required to complete each bundle, which they must obtain through various means, such as buying them from stores or finding them in the open world. This bundle is centered around the Mining Skill, which is equipped with their Pickaxe; they are to mine various resources before adding them to the bundle as detailed below: 

  • Emerald Starstone: This particular Starstone can be obtained at random when mining Copper Ore nodes found throughout Kilima Village. They're only required to contribute one Emerald Starstone for this bundle.
  • Jasper Starstone: This orange-hued Starstone is acquired randomly when Palians mine Stones are found in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay. Like with the Emerald Starstone, they are requested to obtain one Jasper Starstone before adding it to the bundle.
  • Gold Bar: Gold Bars are processed using the Basic or Heavy Smelter using Gold Ore, which is obtained randomly when mining Iron Ore nodes throughout Bahari Bay or buying the bars from Hodari's Mining Guild Store for 50 Skill Medals. For this specific bundle, they'll need three Gold Bars.
  • Palium Bar: Like Gold Ore, Palium Ore is obtained randomly when mining Palium nodes in Bahari Bay or buying the bars from Hodari's Mining Guild Store for ten Skill Medals. Unfortunately, they need 20 Palium Bars to contribute to this bundle.

Once they have collected all the items required for the Prospector's Pal bundle, they must have them within their Inventory before traveling to the Night Sky Temple in Kilima Village. Head to the Vault of the Roots to find the Prospector's Pal bundle before contributing these items, which, completing the bundle, awards them the Emberborn Floor item as a vault bundle reward.