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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Prove Your Purpose Quest

A Villager bestows a series of tests to see if you’re worthy of becoming a member of Killima Village in the Prove Your Purpose quest for Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Prove Your Purpose Quest

Towards the end of the Stong Foundations quest, you have been tasked by Eshe to complete three unique tests, which, once completed, grants you permanent residence in Killima Village. These tests will test various aspects of Palia’s core gameplay mechanics, namely the Skills, Friendship, and Housing systems in the “Prove Your” quest series.

Comprised of three different quests in this series, the Prove Your Purpose quest will be the easiest one to complete if you’ve been focused on leveling your skills in-game. We’ve provided a complete walkthrough on how to complete the Prove Your Purpose quest for Eshe in Palia.

Palia Prove Your Purpose Quest Objective List

palia quest guide prove your purpose quest objectives talk to eshe city hall
You can find Eshe walking around Reflection Hills or at the City Hall. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The mayor’s wife, Eshe, challenges you to a series of tests in which you must prove yourself as a valued member of the Palian community. Each test focuses on an aspect of what makes this community strong, which in the Prove Your Purpose quest, primarily focuses on what you can contribute to Killima Village; we’ve provided the quest objectives below:

  1. Reach Level 5 in any skill
  2. Return to Eshe

How To Complete The Prove Your Purpose Quest In Palia?

After speaking with Eshe at the end of the Strong Foundations quest, she gives you three tests in the form of quests where you need to Prove Your Purpose, Generosity, and Devotion. Completing Prove Your Purpose is relatively simple to achieve as this quest requires you to have reached Level 5 in any of the eight skills: Cooking, Fishing, Foraging, Furniture Making, Gardening, Hunting, Insect Catching, and Mining.

This means you need to engage in activities relating to these skills, from fishing at the various fishing spots to tilling and planting seeds in your garden, crafting furniture acquired from recipes bought from Tish, or hunting Senuk and Chapaa. You need to keep using any of these skills until you’ve reached Level 5, for which you’ll earn Renown when leveling up, which can be helpful if you wish to expand your housing plot.

palia quest guide prove your purpose quest how to complete skill levels reach level 5
You need to reach Level 5 in any skill to meet the quest objectives for the "Prove Your Purpose" quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

For many players, you may have already reached Level 5 in one or two skills before receiving this quest, and you can turn the quest in by finding Eshe at City Hall or on her daily walks around Killima Village. But if you wish to complete the remaining “Prove Your” quests, you’ll have Devotion and Generosity before turning in all three quests to Eshe.

As a reward, you’ll earn 15 Renown for this specific quest, and you can start progressing with the remaining “Prove Your” quests. Additionally, you can chat with Eshe and determine her weekly wants, which may help you complete the “Prove Your Generosity” quest in Palia.