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Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Guide: How To Complete

Our in-depth guide explains all the steps needed to complete the Payday 3 99 Boxes mission in stealth.
Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Looking for a way to complete the Payday 3 99 Boxes mission in Stealth? Then we've got you covered, sneaky heisters!

This mission is the first that requires us to safeguard the quality of the contents we're robbing, with players spending the majority of the mission ensuring the contents won't get destroyed or damaged during the heisting process.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on completing the Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth mission as easily as possible.

This includes players setting up a refrigerated truck with liquid nitrogen coolant and spending minimal time extracting the stolen goods from their original secure location. This mission requires precision and extreme caution; another day in the office! 

This mission is best suited with friends instead of general matchmaking for control reasons. 

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Mission First Steps

Unfortunately, this mission requires players to mask up immediately because we need access to vaulting and jumping. This leads to us equipping our weapons and becoming an immediate visual threat to all NPCs, raising the chances of being detected and having the authorities called.

Therefore, it's necessary to take these steps slowly and not become impatient. This will lead to a quick trip back to the menus to restart the heist. If players end up being caught by NPCs, take hostages and assign a singular player to safeguard the hostage so they don't escape. 

NOTE: Avoid having all four squad members inside the warehouse at one time simply because the volume of security and workers inside the warehouse is very high. If all four squad members enter the warehouse at the same time, the likelihood of being caught rises significantly. 

  1. When spawning, head to the right guard booth, where you'll find one guard standing by the barrier. Wait for him to turn around and sneak in. Approach him from behind and begin hacking his phone to steal the QR code from him. He's known as the East guard. Stand within the prompted vicinity until the timer expires. 
  2.  Head around the outside perimeter of the warehouse grounds until you reach the adjacent side of the building. This is where you'll find the West guard, repeat the process of hacking his phone by standing in the promoted vicinity. These QR codes you hack will allow you to access the degradable valuables later down the line. 
  3. One player: After hacking the QR codes, head to the back of the warehouse, where you'll find an entrance with a camera above it. Bypass the camera and lockpick the door, walk into the warehouse, and immediately turn right, head under the storage racks until you reach a slow wooden box, open the box, and take out the liquid nitrogen.
  4. Slowly make your way to the prompted truck out the front of the warehouse. There are plenty of patrolling security and staff inside the warehouse. When reaching the truck, unlock the door and place the liquid nitrogen inside the refrigerated truck. This is the place where we're going to extract the robbed materials. Therefore, remember the location and place. 
  5. Head upstairs in the warehouse to the security offices, there are four in each upper corner of the warehouse. One will have a computer inside you need to hack. The locations of the computer are unique per heist. The security offices have one patrolling guard on each side, a camera above it, and the doors will need lockpicking.
  6. Once entering the room, you'll be prompted to hack the computer, initiate the hack, and wait for it to conclude. When finished, the computer will display the locations of the degradable components we're going to steal.
  7. Head outside the security offices, head to the west side of the warehouse (left side of spawn), and remain upstairs. There will be a vent that you can unlock underneath the camera, enter it, and you'll find an orange bag containing a zipline. Grab it and meet your squad on the east side of the warehouse. 
  8. You will find a prompt location for you to place the zipline down. You'll have to climb on top of a truck and jump onto the prompted location before building the zipline. 
  9. The entire squad needs to zipline across into the cargo storage location on the second part of the map. This will contain the degradable materials we've been tasked with stealing. There are lots of patrolling security and workers inside this area, so remain vigilant. 

We've now completed the first part of the mission. We need to focus on deactivating the security and stealing the degradable materials without them losing value.

Payday 3 99 Boxes: How To Extract Goods & Escape

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

When we deactivate the security and grab the degradable materials, players need to rapidly extract the goods into the refrigerated truck. This is because the items lose value with every passing moment they aren't being refrigerated. 

  1. After jumping off the zipline, players will need to scour the east yard of the cargo container for the white container with red lights on it. Once locating it, open the container and disable security, head inside the container, and activate the iPad on the gate. This will initiate the security deactivation sequence by forcing players to stand in the prompted area.
  2. When standing inside the prompted areas, refrain from killing any enemies or taking hostages; once you've been spotted, it's impossible to continue the mission in a stealth manner effectively. Once concluding the deactivation stage, grab the degradable.
  3. Immediately, a timer will activate, and the player carrying the degradable will need to zipline back across to the warehouse, head around the back of the warehouse, and enter from the rear. In a fast but concise manner, avoid all security and place the goods in the truck. 
  4. The player who placed the first degradable item should remain hidden in the warehouse whilst the remaining team grabs the other bag. 
  5. The other degradable is located on the right side of the east yard in a very similar container. Once you find it, open the container and repeat the same security deactivation process. There are a substantial amount of NPCs roaming this area, so be aware and keep caution.
  6. When unlocking the degradable, head back to the zipline and head back across to the warehouse. Players without the degradable should head to the truck immediately to await extraction whilst the player with the degradable enters the warehouse from the back, bypassing security and securing the degradable inside the refrigerator. 
  7. Once securing the degradable, close the truck doors, head outside the front of the warehouse, and await extraction by the refrigerator truck's driving side. Please don't rush this sequence due to roaming warehouse workers lurking around the truck. 

Overall, the 99 Boxes Payday 3 mission remains one of the more "chilled" heists. However, the stakes are still high, considering the number of NPCs within the area. Players are constantly tested, especially when it comes to patience and waiting for NPCs to slowly pass them. Don't be afraid to restart the mission when getting caught. Taking hostages isn't ideal. 

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