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Payday 3 Touch The Sky Overkill Guide: How To Complete

Our complete guide explains all the steps required to complete the Payday 3 Touch the Sky on Overkill difficulty.
Payday 3 Touch The Sky Overkill Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Finally, we have reached Payday 3's final mission, known as "Touch the Sky," where our objective is to steal encrypted keys from a hard drive inside a heavily fortified penthouse suite. With our in-depth Payday 3 Touch the Sky Overkill difficulty mission guide, you will have no problem completing it!

Update on 22 November 2023: We've update our Payday 3 Touch the Sky Overkill mission guide with the latest info so you can complete the finale with ease.

This mission features high-end targets and plenty of money, drugs, watches, and jewelry to steal, allowing you and your squad to make a final couple hundred thousand on Payday 3. Despite the penthouse not appearing intimidating, this mission comes well-equipped with obstacles to disrupt you and your team. Thankfully, we've got the perfect guide for you! 

Players are going to have to mask up immediately within Touch the Sky mission, meaning stakes are already high because you're going to have to stay completely hidden until infiltrating the penthouse. However, many players will be relieved to find out that this mission doesn't require a stealth approach for long, allowing players to relax and just kill, rob, and destroy everything. 

Playing alongside a team is heavily recommended to steal maximum loot! 

6514447eee55a-Touch the sky penthouse payday 3.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Overkill Mission First Steps

Unlike other missions, taking a stealthy approach isn't necessary for Touch the Sky, allowing players to take out their suppressed weapon, pop the first guard, and continue into the penthouse.

We're looking at a total of twenty minutes at this heist when facing the opposition of SWAT storming the penthouse, which isn't too bad at all. Additionally, the penthouse is filled with expensive jewelry, cocaine, and bags of money, meaning it's important to play alongside a squad to help you carry this money and exact it, as it takes a significant time playing alone. 

  1. When spawning, all squad members should head to the right staircase, mask up, reach the top of the stairs, and enter the vent. Follow the vent along until you can't go any further, unlock the hatch, and drop down into the penthouse. Take the exit on your left, and you'll be at the master bedroom, where you're tasked to find. Cameras will be near the bedroom. 
  2. Initiate the hack to disable the lock on the master bedroom and stand inside the prompted circles around the penthouse. You will most definitely see enemies. Make sure you kill them and continue with your tasks, even if the alarm is sounded. 
  3. When the hack has concluded, you'll be tasked with entering the master bedroom and finding the switch for the vault located in the bedroom. You will need to look behind books and on shelves until you find the switch. Usually, the switch will be located on the bookshelf below the TV in front of the bed. 
  4. When finding the switch, pull it, go to the back panel of the bedroom (prompted), and open the door. The vault will be revealed alongside a keypad with a password. You'll need to head to the penthouse office and find the password inside the panic room.
  5. We need a red keycard to access the office, clear the balcony from enemies, and await for the thermite to be dropped. Pick up the thermite and place it on the security office door. When entering the security room, look inside the filing cabinets for the office keycard.
  6. The office is prompted to head there and open the panic room by pressing the red button behind the office desk. The back wall will reveal the panic room, and you need to drill the door open. Thankfully, the drill is on hand, and you only need to hold "F" to begin drilling. Now, wait for the drill to finish and focus on killing enemies within your area.
  7. When the drill is finished, pack it up and enter the panic room. There will be an NPC inside the panic room, instruct him onto the floor, and tie his hands. On the whiteboard in the panic room, there will be four random codes. Note them down, as they will be access codes to the vault inside the master bedroom. 
  8. Three players will need to bag up the two bags of cocaine and one stack of cash inside the panic room. This can be dumped on the balcony for later extraction. Make sure no SWAT steals it and prevents you from extracting it. 

After an extremely tense ten minutes of fighting inside the luxury penthouse, players are starting to make progress and reach the end of the mission; they just have to steal some more valuables!

Payday 3 Touch The Sky Decrypt Harddrive & Escape in Overkill

6514447eeeb70-touch the sky codes.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Players will now have to locate and decrypt the hard drive to complete the mission; after finishing that task, we can focus on bagging up as many valuables as possible. 

  1. Head back to the master bedroom and use the codes to open the vault door. The correct code will correlate with the numbers with the fingerprints on them. Once the door opens and you walk inside, crack the safe and pick up the hard drive.
  2. Follow back into the office and begin decrypting the drive; this will take several minutes. Two players should protect the hard drive, and the other two should head to the balcony and wait to signal the getaway helicopter. 
  3. Enemies will begin the "Final Charge," where they non-stop spawn until the mission is over. It's recommended to hide inside the vault room in the master bedroom or the panic room, as enemies will slowly flood in one by one, allowing you to kill them easily. 
  4. When the drive has been decrypted, pick it up and head to the balcony where the helicopter will be meeting you. You will have to wait a couple of minutes and fight whilst the helicopter arrives. When it does, secure the drive and place it inside the helicopter.
  5. Once the drive is secure, head back into the penthouse master bedroom and begin stealing all the watches, necklaces, and money as possible. There are approximately fifteen bags of loot spread out between the office and master bedroom. 
  6. Two players should stay on the balcony and extract the money, whilst two players throw the money from the master bedroom onto the balcony through the window. Be aware that brute enemies with automatic shotguns (juggernaut type) will spawn in these stages. 
  7. When all the money has been extracted, and players are ready to leave, head towards the helicopter and stand within the required zone to extract. An extraction requires 75% of the hesitating team to be inside before the mission ends and your rewards are given. 

After concluding the Touch the Sky mission, players would have completed the closing heist on Payday 3 and hopefully with plenty of money. Thankfully, the mission isn't too challenging, although facing a high-tier bank for a final send-off would've seemed more fitting. 

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