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Payday 3 Best Turret Build: Engineer Loadout & Attachments

Come and check out the best sentry turret build in Payday 3 with all the perfect attachments to get the job done.
Payday 3 Best Turret Build: Engineer Loadout & Attachments
Starbreeze Studios

Want to become the engineer of your heisting group? Then you will need the best Sentry Turrent loadout in Payday 3.

The majority of Payday 3 players enter banks, mask up, and get to work, contrary to the intended purposes of the game, messing around and having fun. Part of having fun within the Payday space is experimenting with different skills, weapons, attachments, and, most importantly, deployable items. Payday 3 offers an exciting perk: the sentry turret, allowing players to find a vacant and open place, build a sentry turret, and watch the bodies begin to rack up. 

When playing through intense scenarios such as the Gold & Sharke bank, it's usually best suited that one person specifically ensures the well-being of the sentry turret, classing them as the "engineer" of the heisting squad. It's this individual's job to ensure no SWAT officer destroys the turret and the deployable remains in a pristine killing condition. The engineer requires a certain set of skills and weapons to continue their responsibilities; getting close and personal to the machine might often mean close combat, influencing the choice of weaponry for the turret build.

651c24d76b9d9-Payday 3 loadout shotgun.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Best Turret Engineer Loadout & Attachments

Considering the engineer is going to have to remain somewhat close to the turret, the engineer should have a reliable weapon that can kill enemies quickly. There's no need for an assault rifle because that's what the turrets are equipped with, and a sniper rifle is too slow, leaving one final participant: the REINFELD 880 shotgun. Alongside the shotgun, players are going to need to collaborate the loadout with a specific amount of skills. See below for the loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: REINFELD 880 Shotgun 
  • Sight: Classic Red Dot Sight (level 1)
  • Barrel: 12G Obelisk Silencer (level 2)
  • Fore-end: Biofit Fore-End (level 15)
  • Secondary Weapon: J&M Castigo 44
  • Sight: Slate Red Dor Sight (level 1)

The turret engineer loadout is best suited alongside these skills:

  • Engineer - Gives you access to the sentry turret equipment 
  • AP Turret - Increase armor penetration of sentry turret 
  • Cooling System - Reduce heat build-u from damage, electrical explosions, or hack attempts
  • Dual Sentries - Deploy a second sentry turret (all turrets build heat 50% faster).

Overall, players running this sentry loadout are going to be undefeated, supporting your heisting squad in all scenarios when robbing banks and looting the vault. Additionally, sentries play a vital role when trying to vacate and extract the mission, making the enemies slower and you faster. 

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