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Payday 3 Gold and Sharke Stealth Guide: How To Complete

We explain all the steps required to complete the Payday 3 Gold and Sharke mission in stealth.
Payday 3 Gold and Sharke Stealth Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Looking for the best way to complete Payday 3's Gold and Sharke mission in Stealth? Then we've got you covered!

Players that have progressed this far into the Payday 3 narrative aren't shy of a challenge, hence why we're taking on the largest bank in New York City, known as "Gold and Sharke." Heisters who attempt to swindle a bank of this magnitude without altering the authorities will need more than patience and skill, testing players of their true robbing abilities. A bank this size will have a large capacity of NPCs, security, and, hopefully, blind spots for you to take advantage of. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this Payday 3 Gold and Sharke mission guide with the best steps to complete it in stealth.

Fortunately, the main objective of this mission is to steal a server located within the bank. However, players have the opportunity to steal a couple of hundred thousand dollars along the way before or after reaching the server. This mission is as difficult and intimidating as it appears; mercifully, we'll guide you through this Payday 3 mission to ensure you make the big bucks! 

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Gold & Sharke Stealth Mission First Steps

Completing stealth missions within any game is difficult, let alone accomplishing a downtown New York City bank heist without alerting authorities. Therefore, players are going to have to act with extreme caution before infiltrating the Gold & Sharke bank, simply because of the volume of surrounding NPCs that are likely to see you when "masking up" and readying your weapons.

Completing this mission without stealth will lead to absolute carnage, hence why smarter players have identified that although it takes longer, the stealth approach is more appropriate.

NOTE: Players can complete this mission significantly easier without masking up within the first steps. Despite it being easier to kill guards with a silenced weapon at times, players should just be escorted out of private areas without sounding the alarm before masking up and taking risks. This especially applies to first-time heisters on the Gold and Sharke Bank. 

  1. Enter the bank with your squad and locate the scannable phone around the staff desk areas. Once you find the phone, scan the QR code and head to the Human resources office. This will be located in the top left/right corners on the bottom floor of the bank. The Phone can be located in these areas: Main lobby, Supply room, Bathrooms, Human resources, Main lobby, and Garage, with the QR code located in lockers or on desks. 
  2. Once you obtain the QR codes, head to the Human resources department and access the highlighted PC. NPCs will be roaming these areas. Please don't get spotted. Once the hack on the PC concludes, you'll be pointed to either a loan officer, branch officer, or bank assistant offices; these are located on the ground floor corridors. 
  3. After accessing the correct office and walking inside, locate the red keycard, usually on the selves, inside stacks of paper, or on desks. There will be an NPC present in these rooms when accessing them, waiting for them to leave or have their backs turned.
  4. Once you obtain the red keycard, head to the main golden gate in the main lobby, scan the red keycard, and begin to head upstairs. Now have permanent access to the second floor.
  5. Immediately after heading upstairs, there's a second glowing gold door. Behind it is the safe, and you need a code to unlock this door. To access the door and crack the code, head to the server room on the opposite side of the second floor. Civilians won't bother you, although stay clear of security guards and cameras.
  6. The server room should be prompted, once reaching the room after bypassing guards and cameras, to start the hack on the computer. Once you start the hack, it'll fail, and you will be required to locate a secondary PC in the IT room on the second floor. The room will be signposted and can spawn at random locations. 
  7. Authorize the continuation of the hack in the server room from the IT room, head back to the server room, and conclude the hack. Once the hack finishes, you'll be given four codes. One will unlock the door to the safe room.
  8. Head to the golden doors on the stairs and begin typing in the codes from the server room until the door opens. When it does, you'll have access to the vault. 

After accessing the vault, it's incredibly vital to maintain composure and secrecy. It's easy to become complacent, mask up, and begin killing guards. However, keep taking your time and making the correct decisions. From here, we only need to disable a few more pieces of security.

Payday 3 Gold and Sharke Stealth Completion: How To Escape

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Please remember that general NPCs aren't a threat unless they are security. There will be no need to evade or hide from necessary NPCs, as this will slow down the progress of the mission. 

  1. Within the vault room is a small screen to the right of the vault door. This screen will display a color. Remember the color, find the nearby (prompted) switch box, and flip the color displayed on the vault door screen. This process will repeat three more times. 
  2. After dealing with all the switch box colors, you need to locate the blue keycard, which will be on the bank manager who roams the second floor or inside a side room on the second floor. Grab the keycard and head to the manager's office. This office is signposted by located directly opposite the vault room on the second floor.
  3. Hack the manager's PC within his office, read the messages after completing the hack, and run quickly to the vault room. Ensure to scan the blue keycard inside the vault room to initiate the ability to open the vault and obtain access to the riches and server inside. 
  4. Players are now able to bag up the desired amount of money from the bank's vault and find the original server we were tasked with stealing. Players still do not need to mask up unless they are caught red-handed. 
  5. Leave the vault and head to the first floor and down to the garage, where a van will meet you to stash the cash and server. Now you're outside the second floor, security will not question or be suspicious of players, and you're safe on the ground floor and garage.
  6. Once stashing the money and server from the bank, ensure 75% of your squad is stood inside the van vicinity, and you'll be able to exit the heist successfully. 

Players who are attempting to achieve the highest payouts will be required to make several trips with bags of money from the bank's vault. Please remember that security will engage you if you are spotted in the vault or on the second floor.

Just because half your money is stashed and safe in the van doesn't mean everything can't still go wrong. It's essential players haven't already masked up when heading back into the bank; otherwise, you'll get caught! 

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