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Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Overkill Guide

Come and check out how to complete Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked on Overkill difficulty!
Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Overkill Guide
Starbreeze Studios

This guide will provide Payday 3 players with the skills to complete No Rest For The Wicked on Overkill difficulty. Despite it not being easy, we'll show you how to get the job done.

This guide will feature an initial stealth approach and lead into a heated gun battle. Unlike the stealth missions being easier alone, Overkill usually requires combat, and this is best faced amongst friends. Therefore, support is recommended, and solo play is heavily discouraged in Overkill mode. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated our Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Overkill guide with even more helpful info!

payday 3 bank heist

Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Overkill Guide First Steps

Heisting on Overkill difficulty at the Secure Capital Bank shouldn't provide such a difficult task, especially when operating alongside a careful and professional team. This guide is going to feature precise instructions for you and the squad to follow, allowing for a successful and prosperous bank heist. This Overkill heist is split into two sections, stealth and overt; the first half of the heist will be completed quietly, with one designated player completing the tasks to gain direct access into the vault whilst the crew awaits their stealth partner in the lobby. Once the stealth player has completed their tasks, the crew can begin taking hostages, moving to the vault, and killing whoever gets in the way.

NOTE: Generic NPCs in restricted areas don't know you're robbing the bank; therefore, you only need to hide from guards in restricted areas. Normal NPCs won't alert the authorities unless you oppose a threat. If you're caught by a guard, your character will pretend they're lost, and the guard will escort you back to the front entrance; no need to kill anyone. 

  1. Enter the bank through the front entrance and unlock the "staff only" doors on the right.
  2. Stealth solo player follows instructions alone - crew waits in the lobby until instructed. 
  3. Once opening the door, head right into the "IT/HelpDesk" room and disable the gate power.
  4. Outside the "IT/HelpDesk" room, locate the guard with a pass on his back; sneakily take it.
  5. To the right of the "IT/HelpDesk," enter the "Conference room" and put the phone on the table. This room is by the collage of words on the wall, stating "OPPORTUNITY." 
  6. Walk out of the conference room forward and take the first door that's already open; it's at the end of the hall on the right and will take you to the stairs. Head to the second floor.
  7. Locate the guard with the blue pass on his back and take it. 
  8. Head back to the stairs and go to the third floor, the roof. Equip mask and weapon.
  9. Once exiting the stairwell onto the roof, hug the right wall and enter the security room with the pass you obtained. Tell the crew to wait by the left glass door near the vault in the lobby.
  10. Hack the PC in the room, and whilst waiting for the hack to complete, shoot out the window on the roof with a silenced weapon. Once hacked, activate the "cable controller" on the PC.
  11. Drop down the broken window onto the book frame below, head left to the prompted door, and unlock the switch leading to the main vault door. 
  12. Ignore the camera near the vault door, either disabling it or leaving it. 
  13. Instruct your team to equip their masks and weapons. They'll be able to see you now. 

Instruct the crew to unlock the prompted door in the lobby and meet near the vault. Keep one player outside the vault to defend from SWAT and keep hostages whilst the team grabs money. 

Payday 3 Overkill No Rest For The Wicked: Final Steps

payday 3 hiest money grab

From this point forward, the crew acts together, with nobody playing alone and everyone supporting each other. The primary goal of the solo stealth player was to attract as little attention as possible whilst gaining vault access. Players should have masked up and readied their weapons by now. From here, all players must follow these instructions to complete the final steps of the bank:

  1. Type in the password to the vault, turn on your UV flashlight and see the fingermarks on the keypad. Unfortunately, you'll have to try every four numbered combinations until the door unlocks, sometimes taking sixteen attempts with bad luck.
  2. disable the ink packs on the money, then bag it up, and have three players involved to make a quick escape whilst one completes crowd control outside the vault. Please ensure the crowd control player has access to easy cover and direct support from the team if needed.
  3. Once you have bagged up the money and equipped the bags, exit the vault to the right and hug the left wall until you reach the exit. There will be guards outside this exit. Kill them. Make sure that one player (crowd control guy) remains by the vault to ensure it's clear of threat by the time of return from the rest of the crew. 
  4. Kill enemies appropriately whilst throwing money into the van, and ensure that the lone player protecting the vault is supported and has enough ammo and equipment to survive. Crowd control at this point is no longer required. Focus on defending money and exiting.
  5. Once the crew returns to pick up the final bags of money, leave the bank together and keep tightly packed as a team, ensuring you can support each other in case of disaster.
  6. Follow the same route to the van as before, with the crowd control and vault protector player taking the rear. This is because that specific player is better aware of AI activity than the other players due to crowd control being their main priority until escape. 
  7. Reach the van, place the money in the back, and wait for all the players. After a few seconds of all players being in the vicinity of the van, the mission will conclude. 

Please ensure that players remain in cover for as long as possible since the difficulty is Overkill, and it's incredibly easy to be downed by enemies. Essentially, once a player has been downed, the game is over.

This is because the focus switches from escaping to rescuing, diverting the attention from money to securing a downed friend, slowing down the pace of the heist and likely failing it. Most players have urges to separate from the team. However, Overkill difficulty doesn't shine a light on players who don't work well as a team. 

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