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Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth Guide: How To Complete

We explain how you can complete the Payday 3 Dirty Ice mission without alerting anyone with our in-depth stealth guide.
Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Completing missions without sounding the alarm or alerting civilians on Payday 3 is an incredibly rewarding feeling, especially when you're walking away with thousands of dollars. The mission known as "Dirty Ice" on Payday 3 is likely the easiest mission to complete in a stealth manner, having players sometimes complete the mission in less than five minutes. However, being detected by cameras is the main worry in this mission due to the compact building. 

Ashton Fine, the jeweler we're robbing, is located in a densely populated city with hundreds of passers-by, vehicles, and shoppers inside the store. This leads to detection being a massive problem, especially when trying to complete a stealthy operation. Fortunately, the mission allows players to take a "secret" entrance to maintain concealment, and we'll be sharing that here today! 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated our Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth mission guide with even more info!

This mission can be completed alone or alongside a team. There's no preference!

650d63c57a250-Ashton Fine stealth.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth First Steps

Considering we're having to complete this mission without alerting anybody, players are going to have to move slowly and act with caution. Unfortunately, we're going to have to put our masks on from the beginning of the map, meaning the moment any NPC makes contact with us, we're going to have to take control before they alert the authorities. We need to mask up to obtain the ability to jump; developers restricted jumping access unless you've equipped your mask and weapon. 

NOTE: When the mission starts, you should scout the entire location before equipping your mask, especially for first-time players. This will allow you to become familiar with the location and building we're robbing, giving you the advantage when taking action. The map isn't particularly large compared to other missions, so this shouldn't take too long. 

  1. Head back outside to the location featured in the image above, head into the alleyway with the parked van on the right, mask up, and jump onto the van and then the roof. Walk forward towards the side of the Ashton Fine building and enter through the window. Two NPCs will be roaming this restricted area: one guard and one civilian. 
  2. Once entering the window, check the bathroom on the first left door. There might be a phone with a QR code. If the phone isn't there, head out of the bathroom and follow the right wall until you find a camera. Underneath the camera is the manager's office, and enter this room.
  3. If you didn't find the phone QR code in the bathroom, it'll be on the manager's red sofa in the manager's office. Once scanning the phone, head to the PC and continue to hack it. 
  4. Read the text on the manager's PC, and it'll send you to one of three locations: Employee of the Month frame at the front of the store/wifi password in the break room/book in the VIP showroom. This location will show the basement door code; head there and find it.
  5. Once you locate the basement code, head back outside the window you came in through and follow the alleyway around to the left. You'll come across a back entrance to Ashton fine. There will be stairs down to the jeweler's workshop. One guard is patrolling here.
  6. Type in the code you obtained previously, and the door should open. Walk through the jeweler's workshop until you come to an open door (it'll be the only default open door in the workshop), enter the room, and pull down the handle. This will disable the case alarms.
  7. OPTIONAL: if you wish to deactivate cameras, head to the camera room in the workshop (opposite the open door room) and disable the cameras. There will also be a lootable safe in this room alongside a keycard. 

The only major threat on this map is the security guards. They will immediately begin firing on you, considering you're masked up. Don't begin to grow impatient. Continue with a careful approach. 

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth: How To Escape

Picture: Starbreeze Studios

The entire building will be in its most vulnerable state now, it's incredibly important to stay concealed and not be seen by enemies. All building alarms will be off and possibly the cameras, now all that needs to be completed is the looting. If you're spotted by NPCs, simply instruct them to get onto the floor, tie their hands, and stash them in the manager's office. 

  1. Head back the way you came, through the same window from the beginning and into the "VIP showroom", opposite the manager's office. Players can loot the VIP displays, obtaining a total of five bags to steal.
  2. Once bagged up all items, leave the VIP showroom and head to the getaway van located in the same alleyway as the van we jumped onto, it'll be prompted.
  3. When leaving the VIP showroom, follow the left wall until you reach a window before a set of stairs, cut the window and escape the building this way.
  4. Head to the getaway vehicle, be mindful of the security guard roaming the area, and exit the location once looting all the bags of jewelry. 

Players mustn't become greedy when looting, especially when playing alone or alongside a smaller team of players. This is simply because the maximum payout isn't significant on this mission anyway. Therefore, players should just grab what they can and exit the location without attempting to grab everything, as this will risk the entire operation. 

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