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Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Overkill Guide: How To Complete

We explain how you can complete Payday 3's Under the Surphaze on Overkill difficulty!
Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Overkill Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Completing Under the Surphaze on Payday 3's Overkill difficulty takes a lot of precision and nerve, especially after completing the mission with the stealth strategy. Due to this mission being relatively simple in terms of robbing, attempting Overkill difficulty will be straightforward, splitting the mission into two stealth-like and overtly deadly sections.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this Payday 3 Under the Surphaze in-depth guide for Overkill difficulty with the latest info.

The first main objective of the mission is to obtain all QR codes to pass into the exhibition halls, additionally infiltrating the manager's office and locating the exhibition halls where the rare artwork resides. 

Once locating all the rare artwork: Shooting Gallery Redux, The FeeJee Mermaid, and a set of Pedro Vicario's attempted suicide paintings, and disabling the security bars that protect the paintings, players can pull out the big guns and begin robbing, killing, and running. We must complete the first steps of the mission under concealment to ensure survival. 

651062b5a91f6-Surphaze statue.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Overkill Mission First Steps

When the mission begins, players are urged to wait to find the correct entry point into the Surphaze art gallery before masking up. This is simply because once being spotted by accident outside the gallery, the mission is already over. Players are urged to infiltrate the gallery through the roof of the building, meaning you'll have to mask up outside anyway when it's clear of NPCs.

  1. Once spawning, follow the outside walls of the building until you come across an obvious access point to the roof, wait for the coast to be clear, mask up, and climb the roof. There are no security systems in place on the roof of the gallery.
  2. Reach the four windows on the roof facing the bridge, cut the glass to the windows, and shoot the moving camera and static camera on the wall and ceiling. Look for a sign that says "E4" before dropping down. When seeing that sign, drop down into the exhibition. 
  3. You're now in Exhibition Room Four. Locate the power switch in the room and disable it. This will turn off all cameras in the surrounding areas.
  4. Make your way to the manager's office; their office will be located on the same floor as E4 and in either adjacent corridor next to either Exhibition 4 or Exhibition 6. The manager may be inside this room, threaten him, and tie him up. 
  5. Hack the manager's PC and scan the QR code of the phone on the desk, then the manager's PC will display four rooms as "E4, E3, E6, & E7." These are the rooms where the paintings from the briefing are situated. Note these locations down. 
  6. Behind the manager's PC, inside the wooden wall, is a safe; open the secret door and bypass the safe inside to collect the USB. This USB will help in taking the paintings effortlessly whenever you have the chance. 
  7. Make your way to the server room located on the same floor as the manager's office on the opposite side of the building office rooms. The room will be signposted. 
  8. Once locating the server room, open it, hack the phone on the desk, and locate the painting authenticator, which will be prompted and highlighted within the room. 
  9. Head outside and follow the prompt to exhibition room one. Once you unlock this door with the QR scanner, you'll be prompted to deactivate the security bars on the paintings. Head into the main lobby with the big statue either upstairs or downstairs, and begin the task. 
  10. You'll be requested to stand in the white circles for approximately ten seconds; they'll be prompted. Once completed downstairs, complete upstairs, and all paintings will now be deactivated and ready to rob significantly more easily. 

Players have now set the heist up perfectly, disabling all security features and making the building incredibly accessible to all members of the squad. Players can now activate "death" mode and begin taking hostages and securing as much loot as possible. 

Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Overkill Escape Guide

651062b5a9619-SURPHAZE art gallery.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

When attempting to steal the paintings and artwork, don't shoot them out of their encasings because the brief mentioned they were vulnerable to damage. Shooting the glass encasing will damage the artwork and lead you to failure; pick the lock and take it slowly. 

  1. After deactivating all security within the building, players can make their way to the exhibitions mentioned on the manager's PC. If players have forgotten, the information will still be accessible on the manager's PC.
  2. One player must head upstairs back to the server room and pick up the authenticator, ready to begin scanning the real/fake artwork. 
  3. Every player in the squad, but one needs to begin unlocking all the specified artwork encasings, readying it to be authenticated. Two players upstairs and two downstairs. 
  4. Players must place the USB key in the rare artwork to bag it up. This was retrieved from the manager's office safe. It'll still be there if you don't pick it up. 
  5. Once the encasings have been opened, a player with the authenticator needs to run around and scan all the necessary artwork to ensure authenticity. Once this has been completed, the artwork can be extracted to the roof, where a helicopter will stash the paintings.    NOTE: If players are about to die due to SWAT pressure, don't authenticate the artwork; although this will risk the success of the mission, better something than death.
  6. To reach the roof quickly to meet the helicopter, head to the upstairs corridor near the manager's office or server room and smash the windows. This will lead to a stairwell heading to the roof. This is where extraction will take place too.
  7. Two players need to focus on grabbing as much other artwork as possible and stashing it into bags while the other one/two run the bags to the helicopter to be stashed. 
  8. Every piece of showcased artwork inside the Exhibition halls is available to loot, therefore players should take as much as they can before being overwhelmed by SWAT. The helicopter may need to make several trips before picking up players before extracting. 
  9. When extracting, 75% of the squad needs to be extracted at once, allowing a player to be left behind. Don't worry if a downed player is stalling behind! 

Overall, the heist begins incredibly tranquil, with security guards walking slowly around the desolate and stale art gallery. However, once the alarms go in hot, everything changes, and players have the pressure and stress of constant waves of SWAT.

Under the Surphaze has the best replayability and money "exploitation," being the most memorable and easy map to rob for the rewards provided. The map doesn't require extreme attentiveness when playing stealth or Overkill guns blazing; therefore, it's great to re-run with friends for fast cash and XP.

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