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Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill Guide: How To Complete

We explain how you can complete Payday 3 Dirty Ice on Overkill difficulty with our in-depth guide featuring all the steps required.
Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

The main objective of Payday 3's Dirty Ice mission is to steal as much jewelry as possible, weaving through the small store's nooks and crannies and locating as many valuables as possible. That's where our Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill difficulty mission guide comes into play!

Most players would strive towards a stealth approach with this mission due to the location and fast response times of enemy SWAT. However, the stealth approach is generally quite risky and time-consuming. Where the jewelry store is small in size, players can defend the store with ease. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article to provide even more information about finishing the Dirty Ice mission on Overkill difficulty in Payday 3.

For this guide, it's recommended you play alongside two other players!

(Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill First Steps

Considering we're completing this mission on overkill difficulty, it's essential to make sure your squad and yourself are constantly in cover. Despite the remarks of ease, any Overkill difficulty can swiftly end after one or two mistakes. Therefore, it's important to stay frosty and keep in constant communication with your team. Ensure that hostages are taken and not executed by accident, considering the small space grenades are often "misthrown," taking a couple of useful victims to the grave. Hostage-taking ensures a smoother experience, fewer enemies, and more bartering capabilities within Payday 3, so make sure you look after them throughout the mission.

NOTE: When the mission starts, ensure you enter the building and figure out the layout before placing your mask on. If possible, try to prevent the outside world from seeing the heist by not offloading rounds into enemies and being as overt as possible. Yes, SWAT will arrive eventually, but wouldn't it be nice to bag up a few hundred thousand dollars beforehand?

  1. Once spawning, head into the building, locate the branch manager, and familiarise yourself with the building. Most doors will be locked; however, if you leave the building following the right wall, you'll come across a back entrance with one guard; familiarise yourself here, too.
  2. Assign one player the role of managing the hostages, and you must keep as many as possible to prevent SWAT from constantly engaging you and risking the lives of hostages. 
  3. Players should leave the target building and follow the left wall until they reach an alleyway. This alleyway is opposite spawn. 
  4. Jump on top of the truck, then the building, walk forward to the back of the jewelry store, and smash the window to enter (not shoot). No enemies will hear this. 
  5. Follow the right wall until you reach a camera. Enter the room underneath the camera and search for the phone on the red sofa in this room. There is an American flag in this room.
  6. Leave the room you just entered. Scan the "VIP Showcase" QR code in the opposite room; the scanner will glow (prompted), and it'll be easy to see. 
  7. Once you scan the QR code, head right past the emergency exit into the already open room, which will lead to stairs heading downwards and take you to a passcode lock.
  8. Shine your UV light onto the scanner and type the code "4093," and it should open.
  9. Once the door opens, rush forward toward the open door at the end of the hall. Don't worry about alerting guards. Sprint, and they won't see you. Pull the lever in this room.
  10. Run back up the stairs and head into the "VIP Showcase" room again. 
  11. Start lockpicking all of the jewelry cases; don't shoot or smash them, as this will set off the alarm, risking the entire operation. 

All rooms on the map should now be unlocked due to security being disabled, this will allow players to rob the entire store without having to use a drill. However, players who want to complete the Overkill difficulty fast should refrain from taking maximum risks. 

Completing Dirty Ice Overkill in Payday 3

(Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

Fortunately, we've taken a semi-stealth approach, quickly bypassing all enemies and detection through aggression and speed. All valuables can now be stolen, and keeping a low profile isn't necessary. However, it'll help with escaping. If any NPCs spot you past this point, grab them and tie them up; this will prevent them from alerting authorities. 

  1. Begin robbing all the items inside the VIP Showcase room; there will be one security guard around the area. You're able to kill him (hopefully with a silenced weapon). 
  2. Once bagging up all items from the VIP Showcase room, run with the bags and head back to the stairs. Before the stairs is a window, break the window and throw the bags out.
  3. After looting the complete VIP Showcase room, loot the vault located next to the VIP Showcase room. It should just open. This will contain a rare item worth a lot of money. 
  4. Take all the looted items out the window before the stairs and chuck them in the getaway vehicle. The minimum loot needed to extract is three bags of jewelry. 

Players now have the option to extract with minimum loot. However, if you want more:

  1. Head back into the building through the front main entrance, put on your masks, and get to work. The designated hostage player shouldn't take loot, just hostages. 
  2. Begin bagging as much loot as possible without shooting your rifle. It's essential nobody pulls the alarm or calls the authorities.
  3. Once all items are received, pick up as many bags as possible and begin taking them to the car. 
  4. Please refrain from killing anyone and attracting attention. Players can rob the store with masks without the alarm going off if completed correctly. 

This method is not possible if players set the alarm off in the building within the first steps. This is because all doors will require a drill to enter instead of a code. Additionally, players who set off the alarm won't be able to extract the location through a vehicle and instead have to signal a helicopter to come to collect all heisters, taking a significant amount more time.

Finally, taking the minimum loot is recommended for players looking for campaign continuation and aren't particularly interested in loot; taking the maximum loot is difficult regardless of the methods.

We hope you enjoyed our Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill in-depth guide!

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