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Best Sniper Loud Build In Payday 3 & Attachments Loadout

Come and check out the best sniper build in Payday 3!
Best Sniper Loud Build In Payday 3 & Attachments Loadout
Starbreeze Studios

Looking for the best sniper loadout choosing all the right attachments in Payday 3? We've got you covered!

Shooting one hundred low-caliber rounds into heavily-kitted SWAT operators doesn't quite do the trick sometimes within Payday 3, forcing players to either throw grenades or simply run away.

Players run into additional problems facing helicopter snipers or marksmen taking rooftop positions whilst you're robbing banks, art galleries, or transportation trucks, leaving you hopeless. Fortunately, high-caliber marksmen or sniper rifles sort all these problems almost instantaneously, firing a single and accurate shot through the kevlar of your enemies. 

The vast majority of players overlook the positives of using sniper rifles, as most players want the live fast, die young robbing experience: grenades and fully automatic rifles. Unfortunately, it's not particularly practical to have four squad members with the same loadouts.

Everyone needs to obtain their separate usage to contribute to the team instead of replicating each other. A sniper is the butter of the team; you don't realize it's there, but without it, everything falls apart. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated our best Sniper loud loadout build for Payday 3.
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Picture: Starbreeze Stuidos

The Best Sniper Loadout In Payday 3

Obtaining access to any marksmen or sniper rifles within Payday 3 comes alongside some additional grinding. Unlike the Assault rifles that are unlocked from level one, DMRs require leveling up, with the SA A144 (today's loadout) being unlocked at level 15. Once you unlock the rifle, you're going to have to level the weapon up specifically. However, this can be done very quickly by entering levels and killing enemies. 

The best sniper loadout features the following:

  • Primary Weapon: SA A144
  • Barrel Extension: Torque Silencer (level 1)
  • Stock: Light Frame (level 7)
  • Scope: Lined Sight (level 8) 
  • Foregrip: Cylinder Grip (level 3)
  • Secondary Weapon: Signature 40
  • Sight: LED Red Dot Sight (level 4)
  • Grip: Hardwood Grip (level 2)
  • Barrel Extension: Obelisk silencer (level 1)

This loadout will ensure the best sniping experience within Payday 3, allowing you to cycle between close and long-range with the use of the reliable Signature 40 pistol. The SA A144 only needs the Lined Sight because anything over 2X magnification is far too much, especially considering players are usually operating inside closed and confined spaces. The attachments of the SA A144 have configured the weapon to be a perfect and accurate weapon when robbing! 

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