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Payday 3 Touch The Sky Stealth Guide: How To Complete

Our in-depth guide explains all the steps required to complete the Payday 3 Touch the Sky in stealth!
Payday 3 Touch The Sky Stealth Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

Looking for the best way to complete Payday 3's Touch the Sky mission in Stealth? Then we've got you covered, sneaky heisters!

Cocaine, explosives, helicopters, and money are features any player associates with success from a difficult mission. However, despite high rewards and the final mission in Payday 3, Touch the Sky provides quite the contrary experience, with the map being small and the objectives not particularly demanding.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this in-depth Stealth guide to Payday 3's Touch the Sky mission so you can complete it with relative ease.

It's believed that developers are praying for players' downfall on Touch the Sky, simply because when the alarm is sounded, heaps of enemies flood the building. Fortunately, the alarms aren't going to get sounded, civilians won't be killed, and most importantly, security systems will be humiliated after you're able to rob the place dry without detection.

Despite the low chances, players are more than capable of entering the penthouse, avoiding all security, and escaping the building with millions of dollars and the hard drive. 

For stealth playthroughs, it's recommended to play alone or alongside a team of two.

6514447eedf75-Touch the sky penthouse wifi payday 3.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Mission First Steps

Completing Touch the Sky stealth is difficult because of the small map size and volume of NPCs. This means players have to be incredibly vigilant when moving around the grounds of the penthouse, avoiding all detection from cameras and being spotted by security. In case of tense situations with cameras, bring a suppressed weapon to dispose of any alerting cameras; additionally, ensure teammates and you stick tightly packed to avoid detection. 

NOTE: All NPCs will remain downstairs except security staff. Therefore, there is minimal threat upstairs compared to the remaining penthouse. However, the upstairs will contain several CCTV cameras that are facing objective locations. Try to avoid them when possible or hack them. 

  1. When spawning, ignore the guard standing at the front entrance and immediately head to the right and go upstairs until reaching a vent. Mask up and open the vent, head through the vent until reaching the end, unscrew the latch, and drop into the penthouse. 
  2. After dropping into the penthouse, locate the security guard wearing a black uniform and a hat, wait for him to pass, and begin to hack his phone. He usually spawns upstairs. Finding him shouldn't prove such a hard task. 
  3. To hack his phone, stand behind him and follow him around, avoid detection whilst doing so. He'll likely roam around whilst you're hacking his phone, so stay vigilant.  
  4. Once hacking the phone, locate the guard roaming upstairs and steal his blue keycard, it'll be prompted on his back. Crouch slowly behind him and grabs it. Be careful of cameras.
  5. Head back to the room you dropped into, go through the back doors, and you'll find the master bedroom. It will be locked. Initiate the iPad on the door and begin hacking the wifi to unlock the bedroom door. You will be required to stand inside the marked areas for ten seconds each until completing the sequence. This will all be prompted. 
  6. While hacking the wifi, look for doors with QR scanners on them around the penthouse; when finding it (usually near the downstairs balcony), unlock the door and begin searching through filing cabinets until you locate the red keycard that unlocks the penthouse office. 
  7. When completing the wifi hack, head back to the master bedroom and search the room for a hidden switch that will reveal the vault. Start throwing and pulling books off cabinets. The correct book is usually located beneath the TV.
  8. When you pull the correct switch, head to the back of the master bedroom and open the revealed door where the vault will release itself. It will be locked by passcode. 
  9. Head to the office on the opposite side of the penthouse, unlock it with the keycard and press the red button on the desk. This will reveal the panic room you need to enter.
  10. The panic room will be locked. Force "Mason" to open the door by entering the security room (left of blue keycard room) by the balcony on the left side of the building, pick up the poison on the shelves, and place the poison inside the whiskey on the bar.

The next part of the mission will be incredibly tense, forcing players to carry a hostage through the entire penthouse to the office, open the panic room, and extract the passwords. 

Payday 3 Stealth Touch The Sky: How To Escape & Complete

6514447eeeb70-touch the sky codes.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Locating Mason isn't difficult; stand from afar and watch the bar until the highlighted NPC wearing a suit comes along and drinks the whisky. He'll head to the bathroom; follow him. 

  1. After placing the poison inside the whisky, ring the bell, and Mason will come to collect his drink. Shortly after, Mason will head to the toilets on the ground floor, follow him, and threaten him, tying his hands and stopping him from moving. 
  2. Either get a friend to guide you through the building without being detected or simply hack the cameras and slowly move up to the penthouse office. Make sure you take your time. You will have to move slowly and remain completely out of sight. 
  3. When reaching the penthouse office, shove Mason into the eye scanner of the panic room. The door will then open and leave Mason in the panic room. Take notes of the passwords on the Whiteboard (pictured above), bag up the money and cocaine, and head back to the master bedroom to unlock the vault. 
  4. When reaching the master bedroom, use the selection of passwords on the keypad to unlock the vault. Once the vault opens, crack the safe inside the vault and grab the hard drive ready to be decrypted. Don't focus on stealing the loot just yet!
  5. Head back to the office again with the hard drive, place it on the computer, and wait for the hard drive to be decrypted. This should take around one minute. 
  6. Once finishing decryption, pick up the hard drive and take it to the spawn location; there will be an open escalator to place the hard drive inside. There will be plenty of security lurking around this area. Keep an eye out and move slowly; don't kill any guards. 
  7. After securing the hard drive, head back inside the penthouse and secure as much loot as desired for the best mission payout. There are two bags of cocaine and one bag of cash inside the panic room and around ten bags worth of jewelry and money in the master bedroom office. This will be difficult. However, worth the significant payout.
  8. When satisfied, players can extract through the escalator outside spawn. Please remember that 75% of the squad needs to be present in extraction for the mission to conclude. 

After completing this mission in stealth, serious congratulations are deserved; navigating around all those NPCs without being detected is a seriously difficult task. Unfortunately, this is the final on Payday 3, and there are no further stealth playthroughs to complete, anyway! 

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