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Payday 3 99 Boxes Overkill Guide: How To Complete

Our step-by-step guide explains how you can complete the Payday 3 99 Boxes on Overkill difficulty!
Payday 3 99 Boxes Overkill Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

After completing Gold & Sharke on overkill difficulty, 99 Boxes will feel like a walk in the park due to the low level of security and easily accessible building. However, Payday 3 players will still face challenges throughout the 99 Boxes mission in Overkill difficulty, such as dealing with a decomposing material that loses value every moment you handle it. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this Payday 3 99 Boxes Overkill difficulty guide with the latest information to complete this mission with ease.

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The overall aim of this heist isn't money. It's to locate rare components and store them inside a refrigerated truck ready for extraction. To break down the theft, we're preparing the refrigerated trucks, bypassing security and workers, locating the components, and extracting them to the refrigerated trucks before they "go bad" like expendable food. Considering most players just completed Gold & Sharke, consider 99 Boxes as the hangover cure to the prior mission. 

This mission is best suited with friends instead of general matchmaking for control reasons.

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 99 Boxes Overkill Difficulty First Steps

Completing 99 Boxes on Overkill difficulty is best suited with a suppressed weapon because we're likely going to have to kill security and destroy cameras for practical reasons. There isn't a ridiculous amount of security guards. However, they're placed very awkwardly around the map, and it's very hard to bypass all of them without dropping some bodies.

Players need to separate into two teams to organize the most efficient playthrough: cleanup crew and component crew. The cleanup crew will organize the assassinations and concealment of innocent security guards, and the component crew will focus on the mission's objectives.

NOTE: Workers will only be threatened by your presence once you mask up. The cleanup crew needs to mask up from the beginning of the heist, and the component crew doesn't need to worry until instructed. It's best to avoid masking up until necessary.

  1. The component crew head left immediately upon spawning. Take the far left entrance of the Roger Wilson building, and you'll find a locked gate by a steel security room. Bypass the lock and head into the compound, take the first right outside the gate and head up the stairs, lockpick the door leading to the warehouse, and head inside. 
  2. The cleanup crew takes the opposite entrance on the right, masks up, and begins taking out security guards one at a time. Continue this process until you make a full circle to the left entry point. Disable all necessary cameras and keep hostages if spotted by workers. Security guards might have keycards on them. Steal them as you'll need them. 
  3. The component crew will need to access the refrigerated truck (prompted), head toward it, and open up the truck. You'll be tasked with finding liquid nitrogen coolant, which will be located inside a wooden box underneath the center warehouse walkway. 
  4. Once the liquid nitrogen coolant is done, head up to one of the guard's offices on the upper walkways of the warehouse (offices are in either upper corner of the warehouse), hack the necessary PC, and extract the needed information. The PC location changes each replay. 
  5. The cleanup crew will eventually come across two guards' phones that need to be hacked; you can either "dispose" of these guards and save the fuss or stand within their vicinity and hack their phones to extract the QR codes from them. 
  6. The component crew needs to locate the zipline, which will be found inside a warehouse vent on the left side of the top floor. Players will simply need to avoid the camera, mask up, open the vent, and grab the orange bag with the zipline inside it. Don't shoot the camera; this will alert patrolling warehouse security guards, and they'll call SWAT. 
  7. Once grabbing the zipline, all players now act as one team. Meet together at the highlighted location on the roof of the warehouse, this is where the zipline will need to be set up. All players must be masked up by now. Otherwise, you won't be able to climb to the roof. 
  8. Set down the zipline and together head into the secondary location of the map, known as the "East A" and "East B" cargo storage zones. Players are now tasked with locating the components we've been tasked to steal. East A is where the first component is located. 
  9. To locate the components, search for the lone white cargo container with red lights and a security system on it, usually located on the first left of the zipline. Once locating it, scan the QR code, open the container, and initiate the security deactivation stage. 

It's vital to unlock both storage containers before alerting the authorities; otherwise, both containers will be locked permanently and require thermite to access the components. 

How To Escape in Payday 3 99 Boxes Overkill: Final Steps

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

When accessing and completing all security deactivation stages for the components, players can begin killing all security guards, but until then, let's save the fuss of using thermite. 

  1. When activating the deactivation stages, players will be required to stand in the prompted zones to bypass the internal security systems, which takes less than sixty seconds. Once completing this, players can access the first component in the first container. 
  2. One player will grab the component and be escorted by another team member to the truck to refrigerate. Nobody must spot you, and security doesn't alert the authorities of your presence. Make it smooth and quick, and use the zipline to get back to the warehouse. 
  3. The other two players need to head over to the East B location of the cargo zone and find the second container. This will be prompted and activated once the other places successfully place the prior components in the refrigerated truck. 
  4. Once locating the second container, repeat the same process of deactivating and bypassing the security system by standing in the prompted zones. Please be aware of the workers in the location; there are significantly more, and they will be easily agitated. 
  5. After grabbing the degradable component, rush back to the refrigerator truck and place it inside to stop the degrading process. It doesn't matter if you are found by the authorities or kill any security guards because you now have the goods. 
  6. Run to the refrigerated truck driver's side once placing the goods inside and wait to extract. Prepare the truck for exact by closing the truck doors. 75% of the team needs to be inside the extraction zone to initiate the exit. There will be plenty of civilians inside this area. Ignore them or kill them (killing them will lower profits).

After extracting the goods, the mission will conclude. Hopefully, most players succeeded without alerting the SWAT and only had to deal with security. However, in the event players alert SWAT, they can find thermite prompted and initiate burning through the cargo containers. The steps to the mission remain the same, except it takes longer with the thermite and has higher stress because you're fighting SWAT whilst trying to infiltrate degradable materials. 

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