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Payday 3 Road Rage Overkill Guide: How To Complete

Come and check out how to complete Payday 3 Road Rage on Overkill difficulty!
Payday 3 Road Rage Overkill Guide: How To Complete
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Overkill difficulty has been clowned for years, with players criticizing the ease of this renowned mode. However, Overkill difficulty sincerely isn't a joke on Payday 3. The Road Rage mission forces players into heavy combat, disallowing stealth alternatives and having masses of SWAT flood the mission in an attempt to defeat you and your squad.

Within Road Rage, your objective is to steal "Rare Earth Materials" from a heavily reinforced transportation truck; stop the vehicle with an EMP, and hack the vehicle to take control of the steering. Whilst this is occurring, SWAT reinforcements arrive immediately whilst you slowly move the vehicle onto a lift ramp to begin drilling into the vehicle to steal the contents. 

For this guide, it's heavily recommended you play alongside a full squad!

road rage screenshot EMP

Payday 3 Road Rage Overkill Guide

Heisting on Overkill difficulty on Road Rage is going to be incredibly difficult. This is simply because there's no specific "strategy" to this method, unlike No Rest For The Wicked. Once you've ambushed the truck, it's hell or high water, with SWAT grappling onto the bridge, snipers mounted on surrounding buildings, and waves of reinforcements. The main struggle of this mission is getting the truck to the lift ramp and transporting the vehicle along the bridge whilst facing heavy fire and multiple environmental objectives, such as clearing the vehicle's path.

NOTE: When the mission starts don't worry about being stealthy, if the NPCs spot you making your way to the EMP, simply instruct them to get on the floor. The mission urges "stay hidden," but nothing happens if they spot you, there's no point wasting time, get the EMP down and start. 

  1. Firstly before starting anything, players need to operate in support teams of two, "Truck Team" and "Assault Team," the truck players ensure the well-being and movement of the truck, EMP, and looting the objective. Whereas the Assault Team deals heavily with the enemies and ensures the path is clear for the truck to move forward. 
  2. Once separating into groups of two, locate the (prompted) EMP and place it on the floor, as mentioned, don't worry about NPCs or being spotted as it doesn't matter. Again, the game will say "Get into ambush positions" but this doesn't matter. The assault team needs to locate a great defensive position - a tower or a general concealed location.
  3. Once the truck arrives, the Truck Team will stay within two to three meters of the truck until it reaches the vehicle lift. Use the truck as cover, walking around and maneuvering around the vehicle to kill enemies and ensure the movement and well-being of the vehicle. Place the hacking device on the vehicle and begin working towards your objective. 
  4. Enemies are going to flood the area - The assault team needs to be agile and aggressive, taking as many enemies as possible and taking advantage of their "Overkill Weapon," armor or ammo drops to ensure everyone is well-equipped. Keep watching the Truck Team to ensure they aren't being overloaded by enemies and struggling to keep the truck moving. 
  5. After a while, the truck will come to a stop, and the assault team will need to either open the gate or place a ramp on the floor for the vehicle to get over the holes in the bridge or past the gate. This objective isn't difficult, just time-consuming.
  6. Once surpassing the halts in the road, the vehicle will mount onto the vehicle ramp and drilling can begin taking place, all players can act on the defensive until the truck opens.

When enemies are regrouping, allow the Truck Team to locate ammo from dead enemies as they'll likely be low. Assault Team momentarily keeps the truck moving until enemies return.

Road rage truck screenshot

Despite completing the first stage, players still need to act as two separate teams with separate objectives. Although it appears chaotic at times, this mission is impossible in Overkill mode when there's no finesse. Once the truck opens, the Truck Team will organize lockpicking and looting, and the assault team will deal with SWAT, will double in size and become more aggressive. 

  1. Once the truck opens from being drilled, the Truck Team will organize the looting and bagging of the money and rare earth materials. The Assault Team needs to ensure the bags of money and materials aren't damaged by enemies, killing everyone. 
  2. One member of the Truck Team lock picks all cabinets, and the other bags the money and throws it outside the truck for easier access. Ensure the Truck Team throws grenades and occasionally helps the assault team defeat enemies.
  3. It's vital to bag all money and materials for maximum payout, there should be ten bags.
  4. After bagging the money, the two teams disband and three players concentrate on killing enemies whilst the lone player extracts the bags to the helicopter. Due to the volume of enemies, three players must battle SWAT to cope with the requirements. 
  5. Despite taking several minutes, the bagged money should be safe in the helicopter. From this point immediately (and together) stay tightly packed and run to the extraction point. There are plenty of cover and fighting positions, however, it's probably best to disregard fighting and just sprint to the exit because it's quite far away. 
  6. Players should again equip their Overkill weapon whilst making their way to the exit, putting several grenade launcher rounds in every direction, ensuring safety. 
  7. When reaching the extraction, before dropping down off the bridge, ensure all players are going to survive before committing to exiting. Once all players reach the exit, drop down and make your way to the exit together. This prevents anyone from being left behind.

If you follow these steps, you shouldn't have much trouble completing the Road Rage mission on Overkill. The mission is just carnage, but we're attempting to organize that carnage to work in our best interests. If players are struggling, swap around the teams or potentially have one person acting as a lone "Truck Team" and have three players in the Assault Team. Just ensure grenades and Overkill weapons are used, as this saves players from close calls a lot.