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Payday 3 Best Loud Build: Skills, Weapons & Attachments

Come and check out the best Payday 3 Loud Build, featuring the exact Skills, Weapons & Attachments required.
Payday 3 Best Loud Build: Skills, Weapons & Attachments
Starbreeze Studios

Looking to go in guns blazing in heists? Then, you will need the best Payday 3 loud build, featuring all the skills, attachments, and weapons!

Bursting into banks fully equipped with an automatic rifle, duffle bag, and a mask to conceal your identity is the highlight of every bank robbing experience. Whether it's the thrill of making yourself seen by the now traumatized bank staff and clients or the pure rush of fighting against the clock, Payday 3 provides a robbing experience like no other title in the gaming space. Robbing banks without alerting the guards can be exciting, but it doesn't quite give the kick of a loud approach.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Payday 3 loud build loadout, including skills, weapons and their attachments.

Robbing targets with a loud approach isn't a task to be taken lightly, with players being highly more susceptible to authority retaliation, pressure, and having to drill or burn through locked doors. Due to players taking locations by storm, the target building is often locked down moments after the heisting squad has masked up, leading to players being under an immense amount of pressure to not only find the hidden valuables but break in and defend themselves.

651d6126964ce-Payday 3 loud build.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Best Loud Build: Weapons & Attachments

Players engaging in explosive and aggressive missions need to understand the crucial details of a careful loadout selection. Selecting any weapon with random attachments won't benefit your squad. You have to select something relevant to the "plan" your team and you have built. For example, you're going to need someone running the "Engineer" class that supervises the turret and another player that focuses on killing SWAT; each player has their separate role, thus having their specialist loadout to fulfill that role. 

Due to separate roles players need to fulfill, there are a few loadouts to choose from:

Loadout One - The Castle 

  • Kevlar: Heavy Ballistic Lining - level 34
  • Overkill weapon: Marcom Mamba MGL
  • Deployable: Ammo Bag
  • Primary Weapon: CAR-4
  • Sight: Classic Red Dot Sight - level 1
  • Compensator: Indent Compensator - level 19
  • Barrel: Ranged Barrel - level 26
  • Magazine: Extended - level 28
  • Secondary Weapon: Signature 40

The overall aim of the castle is to eliminate every and all SWAT entering the bank to attempt to destroy you and the heisting squad. The name "Castle" infers the obvious, tank bullets, kill enemies, protect friends, and continue to stand strong in the face of adversity. Despite having to achieve high-leveling with the castle role, it becomes very obvious in almost every fighting situation why the castle role is necessary. Players are unable to continue with their responsibilities if they're constantly killing SWAT or being downed; Castle takes the lead.

651d640d77148-payday 3 rifle.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Without selecting the perfect weapon for your role, you're likely going to be rendered useless. Hence it's imperative that players carefully choose their weapon and make sure it's suitable for their in-game responsibilities. For example, the person allocated to drilling the vault's doors shouldn't have a sniper rifle because they'll be primarily engaging enemies from a close distance.

Loadout Two - Medic and Support 

  • Kevlar: Medium Ballistic lining
  • Overkill weapon: HET-5 Red Fox 
  • Deployable: Medic Bag
  • Primary Weapon: Reinfeld 880 
  • Sight: Classic Red Dot Sight - level 1
  • Compensator: 12G Vent Compensator - level 6
  • Barrel: Ranged Barrel - level 17
  • Stock: Fortified - level 12
  • Secondary Weapon: Signature 40

The medic and support roles are the most agile roles of all loud players within Payday 3, simply because they need to dart around the map constantly to help players in need of assistance. Whether the Driller needs more fire support or the Castle is running low on health, the support role member will run to their location and provide support for regenerative purposes. Ultimately, the medic and support roles ensure the overall success of the mission and are often taken for granted. However, the shotgun and HET-5 are incredibly fun weapons to use in Payday 3!

651d6647f41a3-Payday 3 loud loudout.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Stuidos

Most players overlook the Engineer role solely because of the progress you have to endure to unlock the sentry turret. However, once unlocking the turret, it becomes a vital part of your operation, killing enemies and securing positions like you wouldn't believe. To unlock the sentry turret, players need to unlock the Engineer base skill on the skills tree. 

Loadout Three - Engineer 

  • Kevlar: Heavy Ballistic Lining - level 34
  • Overkill weapon: HET-5 Red Fox 
  • Deployable: Sentry Turret
  • Primary Weapon: SA A144
  • Sight: Iron sights 
  • Compensator: Torque Silencer - level 1
  • Grip: Angled Ghost Grip - level 11 
  • Stock: Light Frame - level 7
  • Secondary Weapon: J&M Castigo 44 

When playing as the Engineer, it's vital to have these skills equipped:

  • Engineer - gives access to the sentry turret equipment 
  • AP Turret - Increases armor penetration of the sentry turret rounds
  • Spin Cycle - The Sentry turret can now rotate 360 degrees to acquire its targets
  • Detonation - whenever the turret overheats, it will cause an explosion and damage enemies
  • Cooling System - Reduce heat build-up from damage, electrical explosion, or hack attempts

Unlike other loadout variants where skills can be varied, the Engineer requires a very specific set of skills to best benefit the sentry turret that overall impacts the success of the mission. As seen, the weapon selection and overall loadout are very heavy-hitting. This ensures that once the turret has lowered the HP of enemy SWAT, the engineer himself can pick off surviving enemies.

651c289a2a55f-Skills tree payday 3.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Best Loud Build Skills

Using the correct skills within Payday 3 is vital when it comes to completing heists, especially when selecting the Overkill difficulty. Players don't need to select different skills, it can be the more personal preference in terms of playing style and general usage. Here are the best skills suited for fast-paced pace loud Payday 3 heists:

  • Battering Ram: You can sprint through locked doors to breach them 
  • Slide tackle: Slide into one or more non-special enemies
  • Hardy: As long as you have at least one armor chunk, any flashbang, stagger, and stun effect duration you suffer is lowered by 50%
  • Plate Up: Ammo drops will instantly regenerate your current armor chunk
  • Blowback: Non-special enemies damaged by your explosions lose all armor
  • Soft Assets: You move 5% faster when holding a human shield
  • Combat Medic: Successfully reviving your teammate will give you and your teammate damage immunity for five seconds 
  • Silver Tongue: Trading employees, guards, or law enforcement counts as trading an additional hostage and buys you more time before the next raid.

Ultimately, these are the most essential skills to obtain when playing loud raids within Payday 3. As mentioned, not every player does not have to equip them. However, ensuring a singular player has at least a few of these skills equipped will raise your chances of success within Payday 3, especially when playing against special enemies on Overkill difficulty. 

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