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Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Stealth Guide: How To Complete

We explain how you can complete the Payday 3 Stealth Under the Surphaze mission in stealth.
Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Stealth Guide: How To Complete
Starbreeze Studios

In Payday 3, infiltrating the renowned Surphaze Art Gallery, located in New York, takes more than your average petty thief, with developers challenging players to test themselves before reaching the jackpot. That's where our Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Stealth guide comes into play, so you can escape without notice.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with even more information so you can complete the Payday 3 Under the Surphaze in Stealth.

This location is the first mission to be completely locked down by security, with the mission occurring during nighttime. This completely disables the Payday squad from taking an insider view before actioning the heist. Players will be required to enter the art gallery in a stealth-like manner regardless of the difficulty, making players think a little harder than usual. 

Playing this mission alongside a crew is vital, simply because the mission briefing states we're stealing three essential pieces of artwork: Shooting Gallery Redux, The FeeJee Mermaid, and a set of Pedro Vicario's attempted suicide paintings. The mission brief mentions that all pieces of artwork are vulnerable to damage, meaning players need to be careful with throwing the artwork and fighting enemies with it on their backs; these paintings will break, and the mission will fail. 

65106777ca32e-Surphaze window drop.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Stealth Mission First Steps

Under the Surphaze is the first mission that requires a silenced weapon within Payday 3. This is simply for convenience's sake. The building is overflowing with security guards, cameras, and a few loose members of staff; you're bound to be caught once/twice. Therefore, having a silenced weapon can ease the pain of being caught, shooting the enemy/camera, and being able to continue the mission without alerting the authorities to come and halt the mission. 

NOTE: Players should immediately mask up when inside the building; you're going to need to break windows, jump, and execute threats with weapons. The mission takes place in a restricted area anyway, meaning NPCs will have the same reaction to you having the mask on. Therefore, make sure everything is equipped and ready to use at a moment's notice. 

  1. Once spawning, follow the outside walls of the building until you come across construction work that leads to the roof, mask up when no NPCs are around, and climb onto the roof of the art gallery. It doesn't matter what method you choose to reach the roof.
  2. Reach the windows shown in the image above, cut the glass, and shoot out the surrounding areas so you're not located when dropping into the gallery. This is room E4. 
  3. Drop into the gallery by slowly moving on top of the moving camera's frame, then drop into the gallery, avoiding the scanner of the moving camera (you can just shoot and disable it). Look for a security switch in this room, pull it, and disable all cameras.
  4. Make your way to the manager's office to hack the PC, walk into the main lobby (where the big statue is situated) of the gallery, and head towards the staircase and through the back alley behind the staircases. The manager's office will be located along this alley/corridor.
  5. Hack the PC and read the details of the email. The email will contain four codes, such as "E4, E5, E6 & E7" telling us where the paintings are. Additionally, you'll need to head to the "Server room" to pick up the authenticator, telling you what paintings are real and fake.
  6. Behind the manager's PC on the wooden wall is a hidden safe; open it and, acquire the USB, hack the phone that is also on top of the manager's desk.
  7. Go into the break room (the first room on the left of the manager's room, and hack the phone.
  8. Head back to room E4 and reach the corridor to the side of E4. Here is the server room. Scan the phone on the desk and pack up the artwork authenticator. 

By this point of the heist, we've acquired everything we need to steal all pieces of artwork. Players can now slowly and attentively move through the gallery and begin robbing the desired artwork mentioned in the brief. Please be careful of security systems and patrolling guards!

Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Final Steps: How To Escape

651062b5a8d7e-SURPHAZE Overkill.JPG
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

We're going to need to deactivate all security bars downstairs after completing these steps. This will require you to stand in the open momentarily. It's highly recommended that you don't kill any guards in open areas because you'll likely get detected when their bodies are found. 

  1. Once packing up the authenticator, head downstairs and enter room E1. You'll be immediately prompted into the main hall to "disable downstairs security." Just stand in the white-marked areas until the bar is full, and stay out of sight. 
  2. After a few minutes of standing in these marked areas, all the bars on the paintings will be lifted, and the stealing can commence. Take the appropriate pictures from the brief and extract them. It's best if team members go and steal their paintings to be quicker.
  3. If you need/want to authenticate the pictures for a higher chance of success, do so. 
  4. After stealing the appropriate pictures, head upstairs and repeat the same process by disabling the top-floor security bars.
  5. Once the security bars have been lifted, head to the rooms that were mentioned on the manager's computer, bring the authenticator with you and find the appropriate pictures.
  6. The pictures will require lockpicking and authenticating, and then players will have to plug in the manager's USB to retrieve the picture. Bring all stolen pictures to a safe place in the building that won't be compromised. 
  7. Once you have stolen all the pictures from upstairs and downstairs and authenticated them all, take the pictures to the van situated outside. Don't be spotted whilst being masked up. 
  8. Players will have the ability to extract through the prompted van. Please ensure all hostages/dead bodies are secure whilst extracting artwork and leaving the facility; otherwise, this could prevent you from leaving the simple way! 

 Under the Surphaze Completionist Steps

  1. Head back into the art gallery and continue into all exhibition rooms, with each squad member taking a different room. Cut the glass to each painting, bag it up, and take it to the van to be safely kept. Don't worry about authenticating anything. 
  2. Each room will have roughly three to four paintings to steal, repeat the process until the entire exhibition is drained from art and extracted through the outside prompted getaway.

Players who are trying to obtain completionist status need to be incredibly careful, considering they're risking the entire operation for some extra cash. However, disabling all security and having a solid team of three/four will enable speed and smooth sailing. If players are spotted by authorities and caught, players will have to be extracted via helicopter and lose stealth status. 

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