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Payday 3 Nebula Data Error: How To Fix ‘Failed to Fetch Game Config Data’

We explain how you can potentially fix the Payday 3 issue with the error message Nebula Data Error when playing the game on PC via Steam.
Payday 3 Nebula Data Error: How To Fix ‘Failed to Fetch Game Config Data’
Starbreeze Studios

Some Payday 3 players might run into a Nebula Data Error issue when trying to launch the game. To get into those high-octane virtual heists as soon as possible, we might have a workaround/fix to share for PC gamers via Steam.

In this article, we explain how you can fix the Payday 3 Nebula Data Error and successfully boot up the game on your PC, so let's gear up and get going!

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on how you can fix the Nebula Data Error in Payday 3 for anyone running into issues.

How To Fix Payday 3 Nebula Data Error

Payday 3 nebula data error cannot launch game steam PC fix
You can't join a crew if you can't log in to Payday 3, so we are here to help! (Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

First up, the full error message for this Payday 3 on PC issue is: "Nebula data error. Failed to fetch game config data."

At the time of writing, this appears to be a PC-specific issue and does not affect console gamers. This fix was revealed by Steam user "AWPNegevTaliyah" who ran into the issue during the game's Closed Beta. You can follow the steps below to potentially put an end to the Payday 3 Nebula Data Error stopping you from launching the game.

  • Log in with your Nebula account. If you don't have one already, sign up.
  • Enter your email and password, then click "Login" without linking your Steam account.
  • Close and restart Payday 3.

An alternative fix is that you should try and log into your Steam account after you've logged into Nebula, then close and restart Payday 3.

Bonus tip: Check if the Payday 3 servers/services are down or operational with our dedicated guide.

If the steps to fix this Payday 3 Nebula issue fail, you can also contact the administrator with your email address, Steam ID, or Steam Display Name. You can do this by using the form at the bottom right of this support page.

We hope this will help you fix the "Nebula data error. Failed to fetch game config data." in Payday 3. Remember, waiting a bit for the developers to fix this issue is always an option, but we know you want to start pulling off heists as soon as possible!

In case you were locked in a vault and missed it, check out the action-packed Pearl and Joy characters reveal trailer for Payday 3 below.

So there you have it, a potential fix to the Nebula Data Error when running Payday 3 via Steam. If more information becomes available or more methods to fix this issue are revealed, we will endeavor to update this article swiftly, so stay tuned!

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