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NRG Esports Two-Time Winner Of Smite World Championship

Smite's World Championship took place this weekend and with some of the very best talents on display this year, it could've been a tough challenge for anyone to overcome. NRG Esports, however, has proven its track-record once again, maintaining that strong presence that it had throughout the year to go on and claim itself a second World Championship victory at Atlanta this weekend. Many of our presumed match-ups played out as expected, such as a Soar Gaming and Luminosity face-off in the placements and Obey Alliance and Team Eager making it into the knockout stage. The quarterfinals saw Team Eager take on Team HAPI, Obey Alliance up against Soar Gaming, NRG versus Team Allegiance and potential underdog Licht Gaming battling LG. It was a fairly predictable set of results, however, with 2-0 sweeps across the board from the four strongest teams in the Smite esports scene right now. This meant Team Eager met Obey in the first of the semis, and NRG faced LG in the second game. Perhaps highlighting the biggest issue of Smite esports at the moment, it was only at this point where the real competition of the tournament began to shine, the lack of talent in the scene leaving an esport that only provides intense games when a handful of the very best teams meet up. Ultimately it was was Obey Alliance, who had been on something of a dominant streak of late, who beat Team Eager 3-2, while NRG - despite its confidence as the biggest threat in Smite esports - also had to play all five games before Luminosity was halted from going any further. It was, of course, the tournament favourites who went on to win, Despite an impressive - and aggressive - opening game by Obey, the squad struggled to follow up on its advantage and the game went to NRG. The second game was even tougher for Obey as NRG went on an assault from the start, holding Obey back from the first minute of the game. By the third game Obey had managed to compose itself, finding its footing in teamfights, controlling the game and even seeing Obey's assassin Variety play a perfect game with zero deaths. With a tough lead at this point, however, the odds were stacked against Obey. It showed a lot more confidence in the fourth game, the two teams matching each other in terms of gold for the majority of the match. NRG maintained a strong presence in the teamfights, however, and though its gold lead did not raise much over Obey's, it ultimately became too much for its opposition to handle. By the latter part of the game the confidence that Obey had begun with began to wane and NRG started to take control, finally claiming its third victory and crowning itself tournament champions. NRG is now two-time winner of the Smite World Championships, having now claimed itself $500,000 as a grand prize from this tournament. It's likely the team will maintain this strength going into a new season, but will the likes of Obey, Team Eager, Soar Gaming or Luminosity be able to step their game up to take the top spot this year?