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Best Hiding Spots In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's the best spots to hide in Texas Chain Saw Massacre on each map.
Best Hiding Spots In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

While close encounters are an important aspect of gameplay in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, utilizing stealth is just as important for many characters, like Sonny. For those who want to stay hidden as they complete tasks, it's important to know where the hiding spots in the game are.

To evade detection, you'll need to always know where a hiding spot is so you can reliably slip away into the shadows. We'll show you the best hiding spots in Texas Chain Saw Massacre so you can evade opponents and win more matches without a scratch on you.

Best Texas Chain Saw Massacre Hiding Spots

hiding spot texas chain saw massacre
Finding places to hide is critical for Victims in TCSM. (Picture: Gun Media)


It might seem strange, but one of the best places to hide in TCSM is in the shadows; Family members often don't look in dark areas or around corners, so you may be able to hide out here without getting detected. Using a stealth build that prevents Family members from reading your aura can help you hide further in dark areas.


When inside warehouses or outside, you might see some crates; you can easily hide here, though Family members do tend to check around crates and other objects on the ground in an effort to detect nearby Victims.


While you can hide in fridges when you see them, they're often the first place Family members will check if they can't find you nearby since they're designated hiding spots. Therefore, while fridges might seem like one of the most intuitive places to hide, they're actually one of the game's poorest hiding spots if you actually want a chance at evading killers.

Car Trunks

Players can also hide in car trunks, but, like fridges, they're a designated hiding spot, meaning killers might think to check them. However, they might give you a better chance of eluding killers than fridges or closets.

Now you know where to hide in Texas Chain Saw Massacre in order to improve your stealth and hopefully evade detection. There are different hiding spots on every map, so be sure to take note of them so you know where to go at any given time.