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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Black Nancy Ability, Executions & More

Black Nancy might be coming to Texas Chain Saw Massacre; here's her ability, executions, and more.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Black Nancy Ability, Executions & More
(Picture; Gun Media)

Gun Media's Texas Chain Saw Massacre features a cast of familiar faces from 1974's TCSM, along with some brand-new characters designed by developers that fit perfectly into the game's lore. While TCSM'S lack of a roadmap might suggest to some that more characters aren't in the works, data miners say otherwise, having found a new Slaughter family member named Black Nancy.

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer, Black Nancy, including her ability, executions, backstory, and more.

Black Nancy's Ability In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

black nancy ability
Black Nancy's ability is called Spy. (Picture: Gun Media)

Black Nancy's ability is called Spy, and it allows her to see through the eyes of Victims. However, this ability comes at the cost of a short stun afterward. Nancy can also use other killers to boost her own powers; for example, she can use Sissy's stations to recover from that stun faster.

Nancy also has a trap ability, much like other killers in the game, such as The Hitchhiker, who rely on it entirely. Nancy's traps aren't as strong as others, though. While they injure victims, it's only slightly, but only attaching a chain to their leg will make lots of noise and help killers more easily detect Victims.

Overall, Black Nancy seems like a pretty well-rounded addition to the Slaughter family, boasting a multitude of powers that might make her a solid main for those who enjoy playing Killer.

Here's our very first in-game look at the character:

Black Nancy Executions In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Black Nancy has four of her own Executions in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, giving her unique ways to take down Victims when she gets her hands on them. Every character's Executions reflects their personality and playstyle, enhancing the immersion and faithfulness even further.

Here are all of Black Nancy's executions:

  • Dead Meat
  • The Hobbler
  • Roadkill
  • Texas Skull Crusher

That's all we know so far about Black Nancy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including this killer's ability, executions, appearance, and more.