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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Family Attributes Explained

Here's how the Slaughter family's Family Attributes work in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Family Attributes Explained

Gun Interactive's upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has been in development for a while now, and developers have explained a bit on their website about how the killer side of the game will play through Family Attributes.

Fans can play as any member of the Slaughter family, each of which is equipped with Savagery, Harvesting, and Endurance attributes; where they differ is how proficient they are in each attribute. In this article, we'll list all of the Family Attributes in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and how they work.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Attributes

texas chain saw massacre family attributes
Every member of the Slaughter family has the same three Family Attributes, but they aren't all equally proficient in each one. (Picture: Gun Interactive)

There are three Family Attributes in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. All of the Slaughter family members have all three Family Attributes, but some members are better in certain areas than others. For example, Leatherface is highly proficient in Savagery and quite proficient in Endurance, but he isn't great at Harvesting.

Let's take a deeper look at each of the three attributes and what they mean.


Your character's Savagery level dictates how much damage they can deal with each melee hit. The more Savage your character, the better they are at killing Victims. This attribute works in tandem with the Endurance attribute to determine how quickly and efficiently you can take down Victims.


Your character's Harvesting level dictates how much blood they gain after every interaction with a Victim. You can gain more blood through melee hits, grappling victims, and, obviously, through executions or kills.


Members of the Slaughter family are proficient and skilled killers; however, they don't have infinite stamina. The Endurance attribute determines how fast your stamina and energy drain while attacking Victims.

All Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Attributes

Each member of the Slaughter family is proficient in different areas of killing, from Savagery to Harvesting and Endurance. Here's a look at all of the Family characters' stats:

Slaughter Family Member Savagery Harvesting Endurance
Cook +35 +30 +5
Sissy +10 +40 +30
Hitchhiker +15 +30 +40
Johnny +40 +15 +30
Leatherface +45 +10 +35

That's all we know so far about how Family Attributes work in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Every character in the game has their own unique capabilities in strengths, but all of them have the same three basic skills.