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Amouranth Seeks 'Legal And Emotional Counsel' After Threats From Husband

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is now seeking "legal and emotional counsel" following abusive threats from her husband.
Amouranth Seeks 'Legal And Emotional Counsel' After Threats From Husband

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has recently revealed that she’d been married and allegedly abused and threatened by her husband. In a Twitch Livestream on 16th October 2022, Amouranth shocked the community after revealing allegations of being gaslighted, manipulated, threatened, and abused by her husband for a long while.

Following Amouranth’s statements, she later revealed on 18th October 2022 that things have fortunately somewhat settled between the streamer and her husband. The content creator is allegedly parting ways with her partner; Amouranth’s husband is “getting help,” and the Twitch streamer is seeking “legal and emotional counsel.” 

Amouranth Verbally Abused And Threatened By Husband

amouranth abused threatened by husband
Amouranth revealed she'd been allegedly abused and threatened by her husband numerously.

The news initially came after Amouranth broadcasted herself having a full-blown conversation with her husband.

The over-the-phone heated discussion showed the content creator’s husband exhibiting acts of verbal abuse and threatening Amouranth, stating she’d “lose [her] entire f*cking life in terms of everything that’s been built.” This argument caused the streamer to break down in tears.

amouranth husband getting help
Amouranth's husband is now "getting help."

Following this discussion, Amouranth continued to reveal the truth about her relationship and the torrential set of years she’d endured as a content creator.

The streamer was allegedly forced to produce content benefitting the “business model” and work tirelessly, all in favor of her husband’s wishes. 

If Amouranth didn’t listen to her husband, she’d allegedly be threatened and verbally abused, with some threats being the deletion of her social media accounts or having her life ruined and going financially broke.

After Amouranth unveiled the horrifying situation of her marriage, the world expressed support and concern for her well-being and safety. Some reached out to the streamer, while others, like Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, called in the police to investigate and see if she was alright.

However, later on, 18th October 2022, Amouranth went live on Twitch again, this time to reveal that things have settled for the better.

Amouranth Is "Free" And Heading Into A New Chapter

amourant seeking legal emotional counsel seems happier free
Amouranth is seeking "legal and emotional counsel," but seems much happier knowing she's finally "free."

Amouranth started by thanking the people who supported her during these difficult times.

She stated, “thank you though everyone who’s been super kind and supportive lately. Over the last few days, I had lots of people who reached out to show concern. [...] I didn’t think that many people would give a sh*t. I had a lot of friends and family reach out, creators, even people who don’t like me.”

“[...] As for the husband situation, as some of you probably saw the other night. He called me during the stream, and I disappeared for two hours, and I finally unmuted about an hour and a half into the call. I apologize if that was hard to watch for people, I didn’t know what else to do because he was threatening to Tweet lies and I wanted to beat him to the punch.” Amouranth added.

amouranth thanked everyone supported during hard times
Amouranth thanked everyone that'd supported her during these difficult times.

Following this statement, Amouranth revealed that her husband supposedly only realized his actions were “over the line” after he watched the recording of their argument.

After Amouranth's husband heard the heated conversation and saw the streamer breaking down in tears over threats he stated, it seemed to have made him realize his faults, and the seriousness of it all "sunk in."

Amouranth then revealed she’d had regained control of her social media and financial accounts and was seeking “legal and emotional counsel.”

In addition, the Twitch streamer relieved the community’s concerns after stating she was safe and that her husband wasn’t with her anymore.

Amouranth stated, “As of today, I have access to all my accounts and finances again. He’s not here, he’s getting help, and I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel. [...] I’ve had a lot of people reach out to offer their help and support, including legal help and places to stay, etc., I really appreciate that, thank you.”

The Twitch streamer then concluded, stating that her newfound freedom has set forth a new chapter in her life where she’s not forced anymore to “wear cleavage” or work tirelessly and sleep for three to five hours every day.

She noted that her life ahead would be “rough” and “messy,” but it was worth it, knowing she’d be free and happy moving forward.

As of now, Amouranth is seeking “legal and emotional counsel.” Until more information is unveiled about her marriage, safety, and the journey ahead, we’ll update you duly.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch via Amouranth.