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Amouranth's Ex-Content Lead Responds To Clout Chasing & Doxing Allegations

Amouranth's former content lead has responded to the allegations of 'clout chasing' and 'doxing' the Twitch streamer.
Amouranth's Ex-Content Lead Responds To Clout Chasing & Doxing Allegations

Twitch superstar Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has experienced a rough week after claiming that she had been abused, manipulated, and threatened by her husband, Nick Lee. Although Amouranth said she’s now “free” and “seeking legal and emotional counsel,” the controversy around these serious allegations continues to deepen. 

Earlier this week, Amouranth claimed that her content lead, Marcial “Marz” Pimentel, was "clout chasing" and attempting to benefit from her virality. On 21 October 2022, Marz released a full statement addressing claims of “clout chasing” and “doxing” the streamer in an attempt “to disprove the defamatory remarks and provide additional context” regarding the accusations against them.

Amouranth Content Lead Responds To Doxing Allegations

amouranth marriage abuse manipulation from husband
On 16 October 2022, Amouranth revealed she'd been married and was allegedly abused and manipulated by her husband. (Picture: Twitch via Amouranth)

Amouranth Opens Up About Years Of Abuse & Manipulation

On 16 October 2022, Amouranth unveiled the sad truth about her marriage, which comprised claims of being threatened, manipulated, and abused. She even exposed Nick exhibiting violent and verbally abusive behavior during a phone call during a Twitch Livestream. After the stream concluded, the world worried about Amouranth’s safety and well-being.

Followingly, Amouranth’s content lead, Marz, posted to Twitter the next day, stating that the streamer was “fine” and “talking to her husband” all day to “sort things out.” However, Amouranth didn’t like that Marz was speaking on her behalf amid the controversy and collecting information from staff to do so.

On 17 October 2022, Amouranth held another Twitch Livestream, mainly to notify her fans that she was alright and in a better space. She went on to inform her community regarding the situation, discussing her plans to move forward and her concerns with Marz.

Accordingly, Amouranth claimed Marz was clout chasing and using her virality for their benefit. Subsequently, the Twitch streamer claimed Marz was doxing her and providing people with her personal information, including her address and more.

In response to these allegations, Marz denied all claims and remained strongly supportive of Amouranth amid the drama. They also revealed the name of Amouranth's husband, Nick Lee.

Marz Denies ‘Clout Chasing’ Amouranth

In their statement, Marz revealed a lot of information regarding their relationship with Amouranth, both personally and professionally, as well as the incidents that occurred during TwitchCon 2022 and, most recently, during Amouranth's Twitch Livestreams. 

Amouranth claimed Marz was overstepping their boundary and taking matters into their hands by calling security and police to apprehend her husband's "erratic behavior." The streamer stated she was strongly against this method of dealing with her husband and wanted to resolve it through her own means.

In saying so, Marz stated that Amouranth allegedly left out the part that, during this time, both of them had received threatening messages from Nick. Still, Marz said they only acted in response to the safety of Amouranth and themself.

Moreover, Marz claimed Amouranth’s statement about them clout chasing and using the moment for their benefit was incorrect. Marz said, “[saying that] I called the authorities to cause a scene is very disingenuous: I was put in a situation fearing for her and my own safety. My actions throughout this incident have been in no way motivated by ‘clout’.”

In addition, Amouranth’s initial point of Marz speaking on her behalf and “badgered” information from other staff members was also addressed. Marz stated, “my tweets after her very intense stream early Sunday morning were meant to update the vast amount of people concerned about her.”

Marz then apologized to Amouranth and staff members if their inquiries about the streamer’s safety and current well-being seemed like badgering, as they believed the “situation was serious enough to call for more action.”

Marz Denies Amouranth ‘Doxing’ Claims

amouranth claimed marz given information address marz denied claims
Marz denied claims that they disseminated Amouranth's personal information. (Picture: Twitch via Amouranth)

Following this, Marz strongly denied claims of “doxing” Amouranth, writing, “[Amouranth] very confidently claimed that I ‘encouraged people to show up to her door.’ This is not true at all. I never gave out their address to anyone and even sought out professional legal advice on how to tell people that I would not be sharing her address.”

In addition, Marz also affirmed that they did not know enough about Amouranth’s relationship with Nick and everything that went on in their private life. They’d been friends for eight years, but Marz had supposedly only worked with the streamer for two months. 

Marz said that “[Amouranth] said on her Monday 17th October 2022 stream that I ‘knew of the situation for a long time,’ but I wasn’t privy to everything going on in her personal life on a daily basis. I definitely didn’t have full information on the abuse to make actions against it. But make no mistake: I had only been working for her for two months before calling the authorities. I definitely did not stand for it when it was right in my face.”

In concluding their statement, Marz said they “cannot support Nick Lee or any part he has to play with Amouranth’s brand.” Moreover, Marz added that if Amouranth requested their assistance in “three months, or in five years,” they’d help without question. But furthermore, Marz hoped to see Amouranth live a happier life.

We'll endeavor to update you regarding any further developments regarding this story.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch via Amouranth and Facebook via Marz.