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Amouranth reveals insane monthly earnings from main OF account

In a recent Twitter post, Amouranth revealed the amount of insane monthly earnings from her main OF account
Amouranth reveals insane monthly earnings from main OF account

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, known for her ASMR streams on Twitch, has recently announced that she plans to leave OnlyFans in June to retire - but fans had no idea how much she made each month from OnlyFans alone until yesterday.

According to a recent statement on her Twitter account, by leaving OnlyFans, Amouranth will be leaving behind an income stream that brings in over $1 million per month.

Here's exactly how much Amouranth makes every month through her OnlyFans account, and what people are saying about this crazy number.

Amouranth's OnlyFans earnings

Amouranth is known for her ASMR Twitch streams. (Image: Amouranth)

Amouranth posted about her OnlyFans earnings on her personal Twitter account, shocking fans with the massive sum.

“My main OF (not including Fan sly, free OF, or Patreon) clears $1.4 to $1.5 million a month pretty easily,” Amouranth explained on her personal Twitter account.

Amouranth tweeted her earnings on her personal Twitter account.

Amouranth used her earnings to make a point about an ongoing controversy involving her Instagram account.

Instagram banned Amouranth from the platform, but did not take down an account that directly copied all of her content, allowing the fake account to gain almost 120,000 followers and conduct a "romance scam."

"It's almost like there's an incentive for allowing this," she pointed out. "Not hard to see the value proposition."

This is not the first time Amouranth has been open about her earnings. In August 2021, a fan asked about her monthly traffic and earnings, particularly from OnlyFans. Amouranth linked to an interview, containing a thorough breakdown of her exact earnings from her many income streams.

"OnlyFans has been running at $1m/month for only about 4 months and it's mostly plateaued," she said in an interview with Investment Talk, back in June 2021.

Fan' reactions to Amouranth's insane OnlyFans earnings

Amouranth Monthly Earnings OnlyFans
There is truly no denying the utter starpower of Amouranth as she continues to rake in the revenue. (Picture: Amouranth)

Fans were shocked by the amount Amouranth makes every month just from OnlyFans, pointing out that it's significantly more than many people make over the course of many years - or even their lifetimes.

"You make 1.5 mil a month just from OF?" A reply on her Twitter post read. "Well, 9-5 truly is the sucker's game."

"I actually cant comprehend that these sums are real," another remarked.

That's everything we know about Amouranth's crazy OnlyFans earnings and what her community is saying. If you want to stay in the know about the buzz surrounding Twitch streamers, take a look at our Twitch category for more.


Featured image courtesy of Amouranth.