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Destiny picks apart Amouranth's "13-year-old litmus test" comments as hot tub debate bubbles on

The drama surrounding the hot tub meta on Twitch continues to boil as two sides with opposite views on the matter clash with arguments.
Destiny picks apart Amouranth's "13-year-old litmus test" comments as hot tub debate bubbles on

The infamous hot tub Twitch meta continues to be one of the biggest controversies on the streaming platform in 2021.

Streaming while in a hot tub has become increasingly popular over the past few months. First popularized by Korean streamers, and soon after, spreading across the platform, with many big names, including Amouranth, now streaming this "genre" of content.

Popular streamer Malena "Malena" Tudi has recently raised the question of what would happen if a 13-year-old starts streaming in a hot tub. Malena, like many other streamers from communities like One True King and OfflineTV thinks that Twitch should ban these type of faux-adult streams.

Amouranth destiny hot tub 13 Year Old Litmus Test
(Picture: Amouranth)

Amouranth, who is arguably one of the biggest "hot tub" stars, claims that the "13-year-old litmus test" argument can be used on a number of Twitch streams.

"The 'imagine if a 13-year-old did it' litmus test for if it should be allowed on Twitch is ridiculous,” she wrote. "Hypothetically, put a '13-year-old streamer' in settings you often find other big streamers in. It all feels inappropriate."

She gave examples of streamers drinking and smoking while streaming, having ads for condoms and dating apps, swapping wives, playing GTA RP, or even just "chilling with their significant other in a bed."

Steven "Destiny" Kenneth, another Twitch star who is prone to controversies but is also known for his strong opinions whenever there is some Twitch drama, refuted Amouranth's arguments, explaining why her examples are wrong.

"13-year-old litmus test isn't about whether or not a 13-year-old can do something, is about why they wouldn't be able to do something, that's the point," he said.

He argues that other examples Amouranth listed would feel awkward because a 13-year-old is doing it, but they are not against Twitch's TOS, and that should be the point of the "13-year-old litmus test" argument.

"13-year-old sitting in a hot tub, in a huge-boober bikini, would feel weird because it is sexual content, and that type of sexual content is supposed to be against the TOS of Twitch. That's the point of the comparison," Destiny added.

Amouranth destiny hot tub 13 Year Old Litmus Test(Picture: Destiny)

Unlike other streamers who are against the hot tub meta, Destiny doesn't mind it, but he thinks that Twitch needs to make a "softcore porn" category if they are to continue allowing this type of content.

"I don't care about this, I welcome this. If softcore porn wants to come on Twitch that's fine, just please stop banning me if I accidentally show a boob or something," Destiny concluded, alluding to one of his many bans.

And while technically it is not against the rules, as there is a rule that allows streamers to wear a bikini if they are near the things like a swimming pool or hot tub, it is still a grey area and a number of "regular" streamers think that the hot tub streamers are clearly abusing this rule and essentially streaming sexualised content on Twitch, which is against Twitch's TOS.

There has been a lot of debate on this topic over the last couple of weeks, and Twitch's djWHEAT confirmed that they are "watching closely" how are things developing.