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Did Pokimane reveal her secret boyfriend via a Twitch stream?

Pokimane welcomed a mysterious man to one of her livestreams recently, which further sparked rumours that she may have someone special in her life.
Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys may have revealed her mysterious new boyfriend onstream which may have blindsided her followers. The mysterious man, Kevin, joined her during the stream to discuss “spicy topics” before playing Teamfight Tactics.

Pokimane’s relationship status has been the topic of discussion throughout the year within her community. However, she has been tight-lipped about her private life despite comments she made including her possibly dating a fan.

Is the mystery man Pokimane's new boyfriend?

During a livestream on 30th December 2021, Pokimane invited Kevin to join her onstream for some lighthearted and “spicy” conversations. Before welcoming him, she did black out her screen before reappearing with Kevin and coffee onstream

pokimane pokimane twicth streamer pokimane dating rumours pokimane dating rumours mystery man
Pokimane brought a mystery man, Kevin onto her stream recently. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

The presence of this mysterious man had her followers speculating that he may be the streamer’s secret boyfriend. There isn’t much we know about the mystery man, however, he left quite the impression with her community with his charming personality.

What sent her community into a frenzy was when he asked whether he and Pokimane are “dating or siblings?” While this may have not confirmed whether the pair are officially dating, it was apparent during his time with the Twitch streamer that they have chemistry that was visible onstream.

pokimane pokimane twicth streamer pokimane dating rumours pokimane dating rumours mystery man
Her followers have instantly noticed the chemistry between Pokimane and Kevin during her recent Twitch livestream. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

One follower suggested that Kevin is very “nice” for allowing “his sister to stream” with him before asking if she does “anything interesting”? Kevin appeared to have not taken this as a joke was cut off by Pokimane who proceeded to let him know that the follower was just trolling.

“Oh no, it’s just a joke. Don’t get defensive. He’s joking and I’m okay with it,” Pokimane exclaimed. It wasn’t long before she laughed it off while Kevin remained perplexed over the comment.

Sometime after he left, Pokimane briefly explained what really annoys her when her personal life gets brought up.

“I think the weird thing about, sometimes, introducing people to stream or to others is like people can have recently entered your life and you could still be getting to know them.” She further elaborated on when people ask her the“are you dating right now?” question to which she responded, “I don’t know his favourite colour.”

pokimane pokimane twicth streamer pokimane dating rumours pokimane dating rumours mystery man
While Pokimane may have not confirmed whether she's single or not, however, she is still tight-lipped about her private life. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

While there will be plenty of chatter on Pokimane’s relationship status and who Kevin is to her, don’t expect her to say anything more about her private life for a while.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Pokimane.