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Dr Lupo hit with Twitch ban after making sexual advances toward Ninja

Twitch hit Dr Lupo with the ban hammer after going into Ninja's chat asking him to "sit on my face." He was unbanned again shortly after.
Dr Lupo hit with Twitch ban after making sexual advances toward Ninja
Popular internet content creator Benjamin "Dr Lupo" Lupo was shocked after receiving an email from Twitch on 15th May 2022, informing him that he had been banned from the platform for making "unsolicited sexual advances" toward fellow streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

Dr Lupo, who accepted an exclusive streaming deal with competitor platform YouTube Gaming in August last year, revealed that this is his first-ever ban from the Amazon-owned streaming platform in nearly seven years.

Twitch bans Dr Lupo for asking Ninja to sit on his face

why was dr lupo banned on twitch
Dr Lupo was banned briefly after asking Ninja to sit on his face via Twitch Chat. (Picture: Twitter / Dr Lupo)

According to a Twitter post, Dr Lupo said that he "went into Ninja's [Twitch] chat and typed 'sit on my face'," adding "I will learn from my mistakes." In the same Tweet, Dr Lupo attached a screenshot of his formal communication from Twitch informing him of his seven-day suspension from the streaming platform.

"Based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. As a result, your access to Twitch services is temporarily restricted. Incurring multiple violations may result in a permanent suspension," warned Twitch.

The email further informed Dr Lupo that the reason for his suspension was for "unsolicited sexual advances," which Twitch described as "Targeting another person with unsolicited sexual advances, graphic and vulgar comments, or sending them unwanted links to sexually explicit content."

Dr Lupo unbanned on Twitch after just 1 hour

However, it wasn't long before Dr Lupo was unbanned, leading many users on Reddit to believe that he was likely the victim of an auto-ban. "Most likely caught a script for being auto-banned," read the top comment with over one thousand upvotes.

"99% chance it is just a script with a list full of commonly used phrases to harass women. He said 'sit on my face' so it probably just detected that and issued the ban," echoed another Reddit user. "If it was a manual ban (doubt it), then it is stupid as f*ck," the user added.

jessica blevins sit on my face ninja tyler blevins
Jessica Blevins asked Ninja to sit on her face during his Fortnite game. (Picture: Twitter / Jessica Blevins)

Followingly, some influencers took it upon themselves to test the waters, including Ninja's wife, Jessica Blevins. In the spirit of science, she then proceeded to tell her husband to "sit on my face" during his Fortnite game. "[I'm] doing this for scientific purposes," Jessica exclaimed on Twitter.

In a separate Tweet, Dr Lupo said that he learned from his mistake, writing, "I have learned from my mistakes and am already unbanned." The YouTube streamer added, "No more face sitting for me." Good choice, Lupo.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dr Lupo and Twitch.