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Ex Adult Star Sasha Grey Slams Twitch Chatters Criticizing Her Past

Twitch streamer Sasha Grey blasted users criticizing her past as an adult actress, firing back with a long list of accolades.
Ex Adult Star Sasha Grey Slams Twitch Chatters Criticizing Her Past

Twitch streamer and ex-adult actress Marina Ann “Sasha Grey” Hantzis has cultivated a large community of followers; this includes several million fans across multiple social media platforms. Despite being one of the biggest and most significant female streamers on Twitch, it seems some users are still criticizing the creator about her past.

On 22nd October 2022, Sasha Grey slammed Twitch chatters after they criticized her history in the adult entertainment industry. After multiple users threw shade at the streamer over her former life, Sasha Grey immediately pointed out that her immense success was attributed to many other things, including content creation and acting.

Sasha Grey Blasts Twitch Chatters, Says There’s More To Her Success

sasha grey twitch streamer
Sasha Grey is a Twitch streamer. (Picture: Instagram via Sasha Grey)

Sasha Grey was casually streaming on Twitch, and playing the sci-fi horror survival game, Dead Space. Then, while entertaining and streaming the game to her massive community of Twitch followers, some chatters began posting demeaning remarks and comments about her former life as an adult star. 

After noticing these judgmental comments, some viler than most, Sasha Grey responded in the best way possible. Instead of employing a neglectful or aggressive approach by swearing and being rude to the Twitch chatters, Sasha Grey responded positively, helping her critics better understand her surprisingly long list of accolades.

sasha grey slammed twitch chatters criticizing past adult entertainer
Sasha Grey slammed Twitch chatters for criticizing her past as an adult entertainer. (Picture: Twitch via Sasha Grey)

In addition, Sasha Grey noted that although she was an adult entertainer for three years, she utilized the growth, knowledge, and resources earned to venture down other career paths, such as DJing and acting in movies and shows.

During the Livestream, Sasha Grey said, “Yeah, I did p*rn. So f*cking what? I did it for three years; I retired at [the age of] 21. But guess what? I didn’t really retire. I went on to DJ internationally. I acted in a few other movies and TV shows. I’ve written three books. I’ve published a book on photography. I’m also doing more voice acting. And yeah, I’ve been streaming on Twitch for over three and a half years. It’s going to be four in march.”

“If [my history as an adult entertainer] bothers you, I don’t care. I don’t care. Oh yeah, and I beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in my first playthrough on Demon Bell. What now? I’ve probably got bigger b*lls than you. So, just saying,” Sasha Grey added.

After those remarks, Sasha Grey returned to playing Dead Space and didn’t bother about the chatters' further opinions. Of course, it's only natural that the Twitch streamer will likely face similar questions or comments later down the line, but it's clear that Sasha Grey simply doesn't care.

Better still, it's apparent that she's much more accomplished than many would expect, making her journey toward achieving these accomplishments rather inspiring.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram via Sasha Grey.