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FaZe Kalei banned from Warzone events for her "over-sexual" tweets

FaZe Kalei publicly criticised Activision Blizzard on their "double standards" after the studio used Swagg's butt tattoo as their Twitter profile picture.
FaZe Kalei banned from Warzone events for her "over-sexual" tweets

FaZe Kalei is one of the most prominent female streamers on Twitch. She made headlines in Oct, 21 after being banned for sexually suggestive conduct but is more importantly one of the most-watched Warzone streamers. However, considering Kalei's incredible popularity, recent events appear to have dictated that she may not be immensely popular with the publisher Activision Blizzard.

She expressed her disbelief on social media as she revealed the publisher was holding her back. According to the Warzone streamer, the publisher has restricted her from appearing at official Warzone events, citing her "over sexual tweets" as the reason she isn't allowed to compete.

Kalei can't compete in Warzone events due to "over-sexual" tweets

As the organisation is prepping to host a Warzone tournament in February, the captaincy position will be out of reach for Kalei. She exposed the publisher for preventing her from participating in the organisation's event in a deleted Twitter thread on 3rd February 2022

"[I] wasn't allowed to get a captain spot in our own FaZe tourney due to Activision literally not liking my 'over-sexual tweets' by yet on the same company has a profile picture of a creator's ass cheek as their avatar on a company's Twitter," she said.

While Kalei called out Activision's "double standard" approach, the profile picture that Raven Software used on their official Twitter account was (quite literally) a photo of FaZe member Swagg's freshly-inked butt.

This happened after Swagg delivered on his promise to tattoo the studio's logo on his butt if they reverted its loadout changes, which they later did.

Editor's note: We cannot make this stuff up. We're just as stunned as you are.

faze kalei twitter raven software twitter profile picture
Raven Software briefly used Swagg's butt tattoo as their Twitter profile picture, but it's been changed back. (Picture: Twitter / Raven Software)

While Kalei said her comments were not criticising her fellow clan member, she did reveal that she too found it "funny". "I know this is all fun and games, and don't get me wrong, I find it f**king hilarious, and this is in no way coming at Swagg because it's funny," Kalei continued in the Twitter thread.

"Imagine being in my shoes, seeing sh*t like this all the time, and I have to stay quiet. Everything I've done, all the hard work, just to get told that what I do is wrong, but when other guys do sh*t, it's so funny, and it's a huge joke," the Warzone streamer concluded.

faze kalei twitter activision blizzard double standards warzone events
FaZe Kalei blasted Activision Blizzard for not allowing her to participate in Warzone events. (Picture: Twitter / KaleiReinay)

As the relationship between Kalei and Activision Blizzard remained strained over the last few months, she has been actively streaming and promoting the switch to Apex Legends.

Activision Blizzard has yet to issue a formal statement in response to Kalei's claims; nonetheless, we'll continue to follow this bizarre story with the latest news and updates.


Featured image courtesy of Instagram / FaZe Kalei and Activision.