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FaZe ZooMaa Under Fire After Blasting Sexualized Content On Twitch

FaZe Clan member, Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto, was under fire after calling hot tub streamers "whores" on Twitch.
FaZe ZooMaa Under Fire After Blasting Sexualized Content On Twitch

Twitch is argued to no longer be a child-friendly streaming platform. Despite being advertised as a place to watch gaming content, critics claim that the rising amount of sexualized content needs to be stopped.

On 21st September 2022, FaZe Clan member Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto called out the Amazon-owned streaming service for allowing creators to platform sexualized content. Additionally, ZooMaa blasted the creators responsible, calling them “whores.”

The FaZe Clan member later received significant backlash from the broader community and conceded that he could’ve used better wording. ZooMaa also apologized for his actions but maintained that nobody would've noticed if he did it any other way.

FaZe ZooMaa Under Fire After Calling Twitch Creators "Whores"

faze zoomaa calling out twitch sexualized content
FaZe ZooMaa was blasted for calling out the "whores" that post sexualized content on Twitch. (Picture: Instagram / ZooMaa)

There’s no doubting that sexualized content has no place on a child-friendly platform like Twitch. From provocative bathtub or poolside streams to sexualized ASMR microphone-whispering content, these issues were brought up by FaZe ZooMaa amid Twitch banning gambling from the platform.

In his Tweet, FaZe ZooMaa said, “So, what about all the whores on Twitch showing their bodies to young kids? Are none of these big Twitch creators going to talk about that?” People were upset about the usage of the word “whores.” 

Despite saying so, FaZe ZooMaa stated that the only reason people were inclined to address his Tweet or engage the issue was because of the wording.

He explained, “if you don't say it how it is, then nobody's going be talking about it.” In a live stream, the content creator followed up his remarks.

faze zooma
FaZe ZooMaa stated, "if you don't say it how it is, then nobody's going be talking about it." (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

FaZe ZooMaa further added, “what do you want me to do? If you don’t say it how it is, then nobody’s going to be talking about it. If I didn’t say that one word; that one word that everyone’s going crazy about, then all these creators would be scrolling right my Tweet. They wouldn’t even care. So, it’s like what do you want me to say?”

Following the outrage for using the derogatory term “whore” in his Tweet, FaZe ZooMaa apologized for his unacceptable language on Twitter. He noted that he could’ve “said things in better words.” But he doesn’t take back his point about Twitch platforming sexualized content and doing nothing about it.

Twitch has officially addressed the gambling issue on its platform and banned it amid increased pressure and growing community-wide distress.

The community also asked for a 70/30 revenue split, which Twitch denied, citing that 50/50 was enough of a share to allow the platform to continue sharing and broadcasting its creators while these streamers received cash flow. 

Now that the community is asking Twitch to ban sexualized content, only time will tell if the Amazon-owned company will hear this request or if it’ll fall on deaf ears like most times.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / FaZe ZooMaa.