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Former CS:GO pro Just9n shaves eyebrows off for $25k Twitch donation

Former CS:GO pro player, Justin “Just9n” Ortiz, bids farewell to most of his hair after he shaved his eyebrows off during a recent Twitch stream, following a generous donation of $25,000 from one of his followers.
In the past, Twitch streamers have performed both impressive and hilarious acts of appreciation. This has been done as a way of thanking their followers for their continued support during charity streams or through random acts of kindness. The most recent onstream act by Twitch streamer and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) pro, Justin “Just9n” Ortiz, may have gone just a little too far.

Just9n shaves eyebrows off for $25,000 Twitch donation

On 17th September, Just9n agreed on a deal with his followers, which would see the Twitch streamer match all gifted subs to his channel. In exchange, Just9n promised that he would shave his head live on stream. The subs goal for the night was set to 5000 and much to the surprise of Just9n, his dedicated followers matched and surpassed that goal in record time.

Twitch streamer, Just9n, made an agreement with his followers that he will shave his head if they met the 5000 gifted subs goal
Twitch streamer, Just9n, made an agreement with his followers that he will shave his head if they met the 5000 gifted subs goal. (Picture: Twitch / Just9n)

One follower, with the username "DerangedNative," opted to up the stakes when they asked whether he would shave his eyebrows in exchange for a $25,000 Twitch donation. This prompted a conversation between the former CS:GO star and his followers, who swiftly began to discuss if he would do it.

Just9n indicated that he had no issue taking up the offer but consulted with his mother and former Cloud9 star, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, before committing to the deal.

The conversation starts at the 8:36:01 timestamp.


Just9n's mother didn’t bother much, as she was convinced that he would go through with it regardless of her input. Shroud, on the other hand, was more invested and supportive and offered words of encouragement to Just9n.

Former CS:GO player Just9n shaved his eyebrows during a livestream for $25 000 twitch
Former CS:GO pro, Just9n, shaved his eyebrows during a live stream for $25 000. (Picture: Twitch / Just9n)

“Do it for the subs, not for PayPal," Shroud stated to Just9n. “This is because gifted subs are harder to refund or charge back than a regular donation and it’s best to secure the money before taking such a drastic action.”

Just9n eventually stuck to the deal and proceeded to shave his eyebrows off onstream, prompting, “Let’s do it before I change my mind." You can watch the moment Just9n goes through with the deed in the clip below.


Following the live stream, FaZe Mew tweeted their response to Just9n shaving off his eyebrows, saying: “Just watched someone get donated $25,000 to shave his eyebrows. What is Twitch right now.” Just9n had a simple answer “yep."

Before his retirement, Just9n played CS:GO professionally for several notable esports organisations, including NRG, during which time he placed 3-4th in the Counter Pit League Season 2 Finals in 2016; his biggest achievement to date.


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Feature image courtesy of Twitch / Just9n