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Froste banned during Twitch subathon for a second time in 10 days

Twitch streamer, Froste, has been banned from Twitch a second time this past week after receiving a DMCA strike for streaming Rick and Morty whilst he was sleeping.
Froste banned during Twitch subathon for a second time in 10 days

Popular Twitch streamer and former 100 Thieves' content creator, Froste, was slammed with his second ban after receiving a DMCA strike against his channel for streaming the Warner Brother's series Rick and Morty while he was sleeping. This came just days after he was hit with a DMCA claim by Disney for streaming the Marvel movie "Black Panther" on his Twitch channel.

Froste banned from Twitch after DMCA strike for streaming Rick and Morty

According to the StreamerBans bot, the Twitch partner was banned on the 16th of August at 8:48 AM BST. It was later confirmed by Froste that the reason for the ban was because he aired episodes of Rick and Morty on his channel without permission.

"Received another copyright strike and 48-hour ban from Twitch. Gonna just sleep on stream for the rest of the subathon instead of giving it to someone else to take over," Froste wrote on Twitter.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised as Froste did say that he would "do it again" after he was banned the first time earlier this month.

One Twitter user cautioned Froste that if he continues, he will have to "finish the subathon on Facebook Gaming", hinting that a potential permaban could ensue.

Twitch recently overhauled its DMCA copyright strike policy to include potentially severe consequences for repeat copyright violators. According to the updated policy, streamers that receive 3 strikes will be deemed "repeat offenders" after which Twitch may "terminate an account holders access to Twitch service."

froste ban twitch dmca rick and morty streaming
Froste banned for second time on Twitch after DMCA strike. (Picture: Twitch / Froste)

Other users were perhaps more impressed with Froste's second ban this month, saying: "Honestly the fact that you've been banned twice in one stream (since it's a subathon) is pretty impressive that s*** gotta be a world record."

twitch ban froste streamerbans dmca claim disney warner bros
Froste to continue subathon in 2 days time after Twitch ban. (Picture: Twitch / Froste)

Fortunately for Froste, the ban is only 2-days long and hopefully serves as a warning for him not to overstep. This is Froste's second ban this month so he best find a different approach to entertain his viewers during his lengthy subathons going forward.

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Header image via Warner Bros. / Froste on Twitter.